Computer Knowledge MCQ-91

Which of the following statements best describes the batch method of input?

(A) Data is processed as soon as it is Input
(B) Data is input at the time it is collected
(C) Data is collected in the form of source documents, placed into groups, and then input to the computer
(D) Source documents are not used
(E) None of these

A front end processor is used in

(A) time-sharing
(B) multi-programming
(C) virtual storage
(D) multi-processing
(E) None of these

What is a compiler?

(A) A compiler does a conversion line by line as the program is run
(B) A compiler converts the whole of a higher level program code into machine code in one step
(C) A compiler is a general purpose language providing very efficient execution
(D) A compiler is calculating device which is providing very efficient execution
(E) None of these

Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest?

(A) Character, file record, field, database
(B) Character, record, field, file, database
(C) Character, field, record, file, database
(D) Bit, byte, character, record, field, file, database
(E) None of these

Which is not in MS word?

(A) Font
(B) Bold
(C) Magic tool
(D) Italic
(E) Bullets

Free hard-disk space used to extend the capacity of RAM is termed __

(A) Cache
(B) Flash memory
(D) Virtual memory
(E) Volatile

Concept of cache memories was introduced in __ generation of computer.

(A) second
(B) third
(C) fourth
(D) fifth
(E) None of these

Press __ to make the text bold in MS Excel,

(A) Ctrl + 1
(B) Ctrl + 2
(C) Ctrl + 3
(D) Ctrl + 4
(E) None of these

Press the __ key to move the insertion point to the first cell in a row in Excel.

(A) Page Up
(B) Page Down
(C) Home
(D) Tab
(E) None of these

Which term is used for resolution of Laser printer?

(E) None of these

What is a database?

(A) ‘ It is a collection of data arranged in rows
(B) It is a collection of data arranged in columns
(C) It is a collection of data arranged in rows and columns
(D) All of the above
(E) None of the above

The device that reconciles the differences between computers and phones is the __

(B) wand reader
(D) scanner
(E) modem

__ steps are in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

(A) 6
(B) 8
(C) 10
(D) 15
(E) None of these

The default data type for a field is

(A) Text
(B) Number
(C) AutoNumber
(D) Varchar
(E) None of these

Start button is used/select to open __.

(A) Start menu
(B) Taskbar .
(C) File menu
(D) Title bar
(E) None of these

When a key is pressed, a keyboard interacts with :

(A) keyboard controller
(B) keyboard buffer
(C) mouse ball
(D) Both (a) and (b)
(E) None of these