Computer Knowledge MCQ-122

__ is the primary tool you use to observe and manipulate file on a computer.

(A) Registry
(B) Windows Explorer
(C) Windows Aero
(D) Windows Desktop
(E) None of these

Which of the following commercial software products are examples of operating system software and application software respectively?

(A) Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Word
(B) Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Windows XP
(C) MS DOS and Microsoft Windows XP
(E) UNIX and Java

In which year slide rule was developed?

(A) 1605
(B) 1620
(C) 1750
(D) 1855
(E) 1898

Copies the selected cells

(A) Ctrl + A
(B) Ctrl + B
(C) Ctrl + C
(D) Ctrl + D
(E) None of these

DOS and windows x support file names upto __ characters in length.

(A) Two
(B) Four
(C) Six
(D) Eight
(E) None of these

Which of the following is related to ‘register’?

(A) Digital circuit
(B) Combinational circuit
(C) Arithmetic circuit
(D) Sequential circuit
(E) None of these

ClipArt is a feature that

(A) to places ClipArt in your presentation in slide
(B) scans your presentation for incorrect spelling of words on each slide
(C) scans your presentation for incorrect spelling in WordArt objects
(D) All of the above
(E) None of the above

Which of the following commands is used to select the whole document?

(A) Ctrl + A
(B) Alt+F5
(C) Shift + S
(D) Can’t be done
(E) None of these

The smallest unit of storage is

(A) Byte
(B) Bit
(C) Bug
(D) Nibble
(E) None of these

Tally package is developed by

(A) Microsoft
(B) Tally Solutions
(C) AdobeSoftware
(D) AppleSoftware
(E) Corel Software

All the deleted files go to

(A) Recycle bin
(B) Task bar
(C) Tool Bar
(D) My Computer
(E) None of these

The term is used to describe the intangible instructions that tell the computer what to do is known as

(A) Hardware
(B) Software
(C) Storage
(D) input/output
(E) None of these

An online discussion group that allows direct live communication is known as

(A) web crawler
(B) chat group
(C) regional service provider
(D) hyperlink-
(E) E-mail

A __ shares hardware, software, and data among authorized users.

(A) network
(B) protocol
(C) hyperlink
(D) transmitter
(E) None of these

Switch between the open items

(A) Space + Tab
(B) Esc + Tab
(C) Alt + Tab
(D) Ctrl + Tab
(E) None of these

Which of the following is/are the characteristic(s) of software?

(A) Software does not wear out
(B) Software is flexible
(C) Software is not manufactured
(D) All of these
(E) None of the above