Computer Knowledge MCQ-106

Bank OCC a/c is a group defined under

(A) Bank Account
(B) Secured Loan
(C) Unsecured Loan
(D) Loan & Liability
(E) None of these

Select or unselect one word to the left

(A) Alt + Shift + Left Arrow
(B) Tab + Shift + Left Arrow
(C) Space + Shift + Left Arrow
(D) Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow
(E) None of these

FPI stands for

(A) Faults Per Inch
(B) Frames Per Inch
(C) Figure Per Inch
(D) Film Per Inch
(E) None of these

A personal computer is designed to meet the computing needs of a(n)

(A) individual
(B) department
(C) company
(D) city
(E) None of these

RAM consists of binary numbers Os and

(A) 4s
(B) 3s
(C) 2s
(D) 1s
(E) None of these

The speed at which the monitor accepts data is called

(A) interlacing
(B) response time
(C) bandwidth
(D) scanning
(E) maximum speed

A scanner scans __

(A) Pictures
(B) Text
(C) Both Pictures and Text
(D) Neither Pictures nor Text
(E) None of these

__ is the part of the filename that indicates which compiler or software package is needed to run the files.

(A) Path
(B) Cache
(C) Extension
(E) None of these

__ are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity.

(A) Phishing trips
(B) Computer viruses
(C) Spyware scams
(D) Viruses
(E) Phishing scams

The main circuit-board of the system unit is the __

(A) computer program
(B) control unit
(C) motherboard
(E) None of these

MS word is __ software.

(A) System
(B) Application
(C) Programming
(D) Compiler
(E) None of these

Small application programs that run on a Web page and may ensure a form is completed properly or provide animation are known as:

(A) flash
(B) spiders
(C) cookies
(D) applets
(E) sparks

The earlier computers, which were massive in size, were based on__.

(A) Microprocessor
(B) P4 processor
(C) Core 2 Duo
(D) Vacuum tubes
(E) None of these

__ specify the type of calculation that you want to perform on the elements of a formula,

(A) Constants
(B) References
(C) Operators
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

The most important or powerful computer in a typical network is

(A) desktop
(B) network client
(C) network server
(D) network station
(E) None of these

__ are used to quickly accept, store and transfer data and instructions that are being used immediately by the CPU.

(A) Registers
(B) Caches
(C) RAMs
(D) Graphics
(E) None of these