Computer Knowledge MCQ-46

A(n) ……… is created by an application.

(A) Executable file
(B) Software program
(C) Document
(D) Operating system
(E) None of these

Two different files can have the same name if ………… .

(A) They are in different folders.
(B) They are on different drives.
(C) Never.
(D) The names are capitalized differently.
(E) None of these

Meaningful filename helps in easy file …………….. .

(A) Storing
(B) Accessing
(C) Identification
(D) Printing
(E) None of these

A program that enables you to perform calculations involving, rows and columns of numbers is called a

(A) Spreadsheet program
(B) Word processor
(C) Graphics package
(D) Window
(E) None of these

To ………… a document means to make changes to its existing content.

(A) Format
(B) Save
(C) Edit
(D) Print
(E) None of these

Periodically adding, changing and deleting file records is called file ……….. .

(A) Updating
(B) Upgrading
(C) Restructuring
(D) Renewing
(E) None of these

How do you save a presentation under a new file name?

(A) Select the file menu and choose save as
(B) When you close power point the file will automatically be saved
(C) Select the file menu and choose save
(D) The file will automatically be saved under the new name if you change the title
(E) None of these

Saving is the process of …………… .

(A) copying a document from memory to a storage medium
(B) making changes to a document’s existing content
(C) changing the appearance, or overall look, of a document
(D) developing a document by entering text using a keyboard
(E) none of these

When computer users …….. a document, they change its appearance.

(A) Edit
(B) Create
(C) Save
(D) Format
(E) None of these

What menu is selected to print ?

(A) File
(B) Tools
(C) Special
(D) Edit
(E) None of these

A saved document is referred to as a …………….

(A) File
(B) Word
(C) Folder
(D) Project
(E) None of these

A command that takes what has been typed into the computer and can be seen on the screen and sends it to the printer for output on paper ……

(A) Print
(B) Return
(C) Jump
(D) Attention
(E) None of these

To find a saved document in the computer’s memory and bring it up on the screen to view …………… .

(A) Reverse
(B) Rerun
(C) Retrieve
(D) Return
(E) None of these

Allows you to print……..

(A) Ribbon
(B) Monitor
(C) Go now
(D) Control-P
(E) None of these

The different styles of lettering in a word processing program …..

(A) Font
(B) Calligraphy
(C) Writing
(D) Manuscript
(E) None of these

To change written work already done …………..

(A) File
(B) Edit
(C) Cut
(D) Close
(E) None of these

To exit the program without leaving the application

(A) File
(B) Edit
(C) Copy
(D) Cart away
(E) None of these