Computer Knowledge MCQ-75

A word processor would be used best to

(A) paint a picture
(B) draw a diagram
(C) type a story
(D) workout income and expenses
(E) None of the above

Multiplexing involves __ path and __ channel.

(A) one, one
(B) one, multiple
(C) multiple, one
(D) multiple, multiple
(E) None of these

The three main parts of the processor are

(A) ALU, Control Unit and Registers
(B) ALU, Control Unit and RAM
(C) Cache, Control Unit and Register
(D) Control Unit, Registers and RAM

To make the selected text underline, the shortcut key is __.

(A) Ctrl+1
(B) Ctrl+J
(C) Ctrl+U
(D) Ctrl+Alt+K
(E) None of these

Which type of resource does have greater probability to become shared resource in a computer network?

(A) Printers
(B) Speakers
(C) Floppy Disc Drivers
(D) Keyboards
(E) None of these

Which of the following is not an output device?

(B) Printer
(D) Touch screen
(E) None of the above

A __ in a table represents a relationship among a set of values,

(A) Column
(B) Key
(C) Row
(D) Entry
(E) None of these

Easy to use __

(A) user friendly
(B) select
(C) helpful
(D) ever-ready
(E) None of these

Conversion of decimal number (74)10 to hexadecimal number is

(A) (4A)16
(B) (5A)16
(C) (41)16
(D) (2D)16
(E) None of these

Which is commonly used protocol for exchanging files over any network that supports the TCP/IP protocol,

(E) None of these

What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?

(A) keyboards
(B) speakers
(C) floppy disk drives
(D) printers
(E) None of these

What is the program in the operating system that does processor management?

(A) (a.) dispatcher
(B) processor scheduler-
(C) traffic controller
(D) job scheduler
(E) error reader

Which of the following data structures are indexed structures?

(A) linear arrays
(B) Non-linear arrays
(C) linked lists
(D) both (a) and (c)
(E) none of above

Special-purpose applications include all of the following except __

(A) Web authoring programs
(B) database management systems
(C) multimedia creation programs
(D) virtual reality programs
(E) None of these

To show the font dialog box press __.

(A) Ctrl + P
(B) Ctrl + B
(C) Ctrl + Q
(D) Ctrl + D
(E) None of these

__ controls the way in which the computer system function and provides a means by which users can interact with the computer.

(A) The platform
(B) The operating ay tern
(C) Application software
(D) The motherboard
(E) None of these