Computer Knowledge MCQ-57

Zoom in & out button is available on

(A) Scroll bar
(B) Home tab
(C) View option toolbar
(D) Page layout tab
(E) None of these

Which of the following displays programs that are currently running? A single click on one of the program icons will bring the window up.

(A) Menu bar
(B) Task bar
(C) Title bar
(D) Status bar
(E) None of these

Multi-user systems provided cost savings for small business because they use a singleprocessing unit to link several is called __.

(A) personal computers
(B) workstations
(C) dumb- terminals
(D) mainframe
(E) laptop

The __ helps to identify various plotted data series.

(A) Legend
(B) Gridlines
(C) X-axis
(D) Y-axis
(E) None of these

A program embedded in a semiconductor chip during their manufacture is called

(A) humanware
(B) firmware
(C) liveware
(D) hardware
(E) software

What kind of software would you most likely use to keep track of a billing account?

(A) word processing
(B) electronic publishing
(C) spreadsheet
(E) None of these

What is the main barrier to the development of a quantum computers?

(A) Picking the colour of the casing
(B) The difficulty of producing precision lasers
(C) The prohibitively large amount of power required to start a quantum computer
(D) The problem of decoherence
(E) None of the above

In page preview mode__

(A) You can see all pages of your document
(B) You can only see the page you are currently working
(C) You can only see pages that do not contain graphics
(D) You can only see the title page of your document
(E) None of these

Lexical analysis is about breaking a sequence of characters into:

(A) packets
(B) groups
(C) tokens
(D) lines
(E) None of these

You can set a controls border type to make the border invisible,

(A) Transparent
(B) Invisible
(C) Do not display
(D) No border
(E) None of these

Which of the following(s)is/are part of the windows desktop?

(A) Services, Command line, Applications
(B) Right-click, Drag and Drop, Point and Click
(C) Quick launch toolbar, Icons, Start Menu
(D) CPU,RAM, Hard drive
(E) None of the above

Which of the following is a hand-held electro-optical pointing device?

(A) light pen
(B) joystick
(C) optical mouse
(D) scanner
(E) None of these

Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?

(A) function
(B) space bar
(C) arrow
(D) control
(E) None of these

A Personal Computer is a __.

(A) Mainframe Computer
(B) Supercomputer
(C) Mini Computer
(D) Micro Computer
(E) None of these

Which is a valid version of MS Excel?

(A) MS Excel 2007
(B) MS Excel 20.16
(C) MS Excel XP
(D) MS Excel 20.0.1
(E) None of these

A series 100 POST error code indicates a problem with the :

(A) hard drive
(B) ram or rom
(C) system board
(D) video adapter
(E) None of these