Computer Knowledge MCQ-66

CPU stands for

(A) CD-run on memory
(B) central processing unit
(C) call powers up
(D) create programs user
(E) None of these

Conversion of decimal number (42)10 to its octal number equivalent is

(A) (57)8
(B) (42)8
(C) (47)8
(D) (52)8
(E) None of these

A __ often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of hardware components and computers interconnected by communication channels that allow sharing of resources and information.

(A) Computer network
(B) Router
(C) Modem
(E) None of these

Example of non-numeric data is

(A) Employee address
(B) Examination score
(C) Bank balance
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Which of the following error will not be handled by the operating system?

(A) Power failure
(B) Lack of paper in printer
(C) Connection failure in the network
(D) Dust out from the System unit
(E) All of the above

Which among the following is/are interpreted language?

(A) C
(B) C++
(C) Java
(D) Visual basic
(E) Both (c) and (d)

Software refers to __

(A) The physical components that a computer is made of
(B) Firmware
(C) Programs
(D) Peopleware
(E) None of these

Which of the following are valid minimum & maximum zoom sizes in MS Word?

(A) 0,100
(B) 0,1000
(C) 10,500
(D) 10,100
(E) None of these

Arranging of data in a logical sequence is known as

(A) Classifying
(B) Searching
(C) Sorting
(D) Reproducing
(E) None of these

__ are specially designed computers that perform complex calculations extremely rapidly.

(A) Servers
(B) Super computers
(C) Laptops
(D) Mainframes
(E) None of the above

Which term is used to join the selected cells in to one cell?

(A) Merge
(B) Pivot
(C) Wrap
(D) Filter
(E) None of these

A combination of hardware and software that allows communication and electronic transfer of information between computers is a __

(A) Network
(B) Backup system
(C) Server
(D) Peripheral
(E) Modem

What is the first step in the software development life cycle (SDLC)?

(A) requirement gathering and analysis
(B) database design
(C) graphical user interface
(D) system design
(E) None of the above

__ is not a valid data type in MS Access,

(A) Picture
(B) Memo
(C) Currency
(D) AutoNumber
(E) None of these

Notification area is a feature of __ bar.

(A) Title
(B) Task
(C) Menu
(D) Status
(E) Windows

A is used for providing the input to a computer by moving the device to point to a location on computer monitor.

(A) pointing device
(B) output device
(C) printer
(D) scanner
(E) None of these