Computer Knowledge MCQ-191

Which of the following is also refers to Wireless speakers?

(A) Portable Speakers
(B) Comfortable Speakers
(C) Reliable Speakers
(D) Compatible Speakers
(E) None of the above

For each attribute of a relation, there is a set of permitted values, called the __ of that attribute.

(A) Domain
(B) Relation
(C) Set
(D) Schema
(E) None of these

A command that saves what you are working on into the hard drive, or onto a disk __

(A) view
(B) hold
(C) save
(D) go
(E) None of these

Conversion of binary number (1001001 )2 to hexadecimal is

(A) (40)16
(B) (39)16
(C) (49)18
(D) (42)16
(E) None of these

A __ is a data communications network that covers a relatively broad geographic area and that often uses transmission facilities provided by common carriers, such as telephone companies,

(E) None of these

A personal computer is

(A) MC
(B) SC
(C) YC
(D) PC
(E) None of these

__ is not the category of operating system’s task.

(A) Virus protection
(B) Processor management
(C) Memory management
(D) File management
(E) Device management

Which of the following data structure can’t store the non-homogeneous data elements?

(A) Arrays
(B) Records
(C) Pointers
(D) Variable
(E) None

Specialised programs designed to allow particular input or output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system are called

(A) compilers
(B) device drivers
(C) interpreters
(D) operating systems
(E) None of these

__is a versatile word processing program that offers flexibility in correcting and revising your work, as well as a number of stylistic options to improve your documents.

(A) FoxPro
(B) Microsoft Word
(C) Tally
(D) Mozilla Firefox
(E) None of these

A characteristic of a file server is which of the following?

(A) Manages file operations and is shared on a network
(B) Manages file operations and is limited to one PC
(C) Act as a fat client and is shared on a network
(D) Acts as a fat client and is limited to one PC
(E) None of these

Which hardware are easily attached to computer and can played instantly?

(A) Plug & Play
(B) Peer to Peer
(C) Analog
(D) Multi media
(E) None of these

A software development strategy that organizes software as a collection of objects that contain both data structure and behaviour is called as __.

(A) object oriented
(B) software engineering
(C) data structure
(D) program development
(E) None of these

To sort records in a table

(A) Open table, click sort button on database toolbar, choose field based on which to sort, click ok
(B) Click the field heading to sort it ascending or descending
(C) Open table, click on the field on which the sorting is to be done, then click sort button on database toolbar
(D) All of above
(E) None of these

The __ allows you to access objects and start programs.

(A) default menu
(B) XP menu
(C) start menu
(D) stop menu
(E) None of these

You can use the tab key to __

(A) move a cursor across the screen
(B) indent a paragraph
(C) move the cursor down the screen
(D) Both (a) and (b)
(E) None of the above