Computer Knowledge MCQ-245

This is not a function category in Excel.

(A) Logical
(B) Data series
(C) Financial
(D) Text
(E) None of these

In MS-DOS what command you will use to display system date?

(A) Ver command
(B) Disk command
(C) Format command
(D) Date command
(E) None of these

A microprocessor used in __.

(A) Mainframe computer
(B) Mini computer
(C) Personal computer
(E) None of these

The most common type of storage devices are __

(A) persistent
(B) optical
(C) magnetic
(D) flash
(E) None of these

Which of the following groups is/are token together into syntactic structures?

(A) Syntax analyzer
(B) Lexical analyzer
(C) Semantic analyzer
(D) Intermediate code generation
(E) None of these

A computer language for informing the DBMS regarding the data structure used is

(E) None of these

The rectangular area of the screen that displays a program data and/or information is a __.

(A) Title bar
(B) Bottom
(C) Dialog box
(D) Window
(E) None of these

The word “Computer” comes from the word “compute”, which means __.

(A) to assume
(B) to input
(C) to combine
(D) to calculate
(E) to add

The document can be zoom maximum upto

(A) 150%
(B) 200%
(C) 350%
(D) 400%
(E) 500%

Which of the following are objects in an access database?

(A) table form
(B) queries reports
(C) macros modules
(D) All of the above
(E) None of these

‘C’ in CPU denotes

(A) Central
(B) Common
(C) Convenient
(D) Computer
(E) None of these

To delete the selected text press __.

(A) Alt
(B) Ctrl
(C) Home
(D) End
(E) Delete

Which of the following terms is used to describe the movement of an item with the help of mouse to a new position on screen?

(A) click
(B) double click
(C) drag and drop
(D) point
(E) right click

What type of device is a computer monitor?

(A) Software
(B) Processing
(C) Storage
(D) Input
(E) Output

The term __ is used to refer to a row.

(A) Attribute
(B) Tuple
(C) Field
(D) Instance
(E) None of these

When your computer stops working suddenly, it is referred to as a __

(A) crash
(B) die
(C) death
(D) penalty
(E) None of these