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NEET Botany MCQ-146

Question No:1 Select the option having all correctly matched pairs. A. AlkaloidsB. Pigments C. Drugs (i) Carotenoid; Anthocyanin (ii) Vinblastin; curcumin (iii) Morphine;Codeine (A) A-i; B-ii;C-iii (B) A-ii; B-iii; C-i […]

NEET Botany MCQ-145

Question No:1 Organisms of same species living in an area are called (A) Population (B) Community (C) Fauna (D) Flora Question No:2 Classification of plants into hydrophytes, mesophytes and xerophytes […]

NEET Botany MCQ-144

Question No:1 Tissue present in Annual ring is (A) Secondary xylem and Secondary Phloem (B) Primary xylem and Primary phloem (C) Secondary xylem only (D) Primary phloem and Secondary xylem […]

NEET UG Botany-143

Question No:1 Hydathode helps in (A) Photosynthesis (B) Guttation (C) Transpiration (D) Respiration Question No:2 Vascular bundle in plants are said to be open if (A) they have combium (B) […]

NEET UG Botany-142

Question No:1 Endodermis is a part of (A) epidermis (B) Pericycle (C) cortex (D) medulla Question No:2 The function of a vessel is (A) to provide mechanical strength (B) conduction […]

NEET UG Botany-141

Question No:1 Epidermis and epiblema are produced from (A) Phellogen (B) procambium (C) protoderm (D) calyptrogen Question No:2 Which of the following is an a nucleated living plant cell? (A) […]

NEET UG Botany-139

Question No:1 (A): Maize contains protoxylem cavity. (R): Protoxylem cavity in maize is formed schizogenously. (A) Both ( A ) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation […]

NEET UG Botany-138

Question No:1 (A): Pholem parenchyma is present in all flowering plants(R): They store food in monocot stems (A) Both ( A ) and (R) are true and (R) is the […]