NEET UG Botany MCQ-33

Question No:1

A common hornwort is

(A) Anthoceros
(B) Funaria
(C) Marchantia
(D) Riccia

Question No:2

A bryophyte harbouring Nostoc colonies is

(A) Zoopis
(B) Anthoceros
(C) Dawsonia
(D) Marchantia

Question No:3

The storage product of Rhodophyceae is

(A) Glycogen
(B) Chrysolaminarin
(C) (d) Starch
(D) Floridean starch

Question No:4

The plant group that produces spores and embryo but lacks vascular tissues and seeds is

(A) Pteridophyta
(B) Rhodophyta
(C) Bryophyta
(D) Phaeophyta

Question No:5

Which one has the largest gametophyte

(A) Cycas
(B) Angiosperm
(C) Selaginella
(D) Moss/Polytrichum

Question No:6

Bryophytes are amphibians of the plat kingdom because

(A) They require a layer of water for carrying out sexual reproduction
(B) They occur in damp places
(C) They are mostly aquatic
(D) All the above

Question No:7

A fern differs from a moss in possessing

(A) Swimming / flagellate Antherozoids
(B) Flask – shaped archegonia
(C) Independent sporophyte
(D) Independent gametophyte

Question No:8

Heterospory and ligulate leaves occur in

(A) Selaginella
(B) Ferns
(C) Mosses
(D) Liverworts

Question No:9

Pteridophytes differ from mosses/bryophytes in possessing

(A) Independent gametophyte
(B) Well developed vascular system
(C) Archegonia
(D) Flagellate spermatozoids

Question No:10

Neck canal cells in Dryopteris/Fern are

(A) One with two nuclei
(B) Two
(C) One with one nucleus
(D) Four

Question No:11

Number of integuments present in the ovule of Pinus / Cycas is

(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) One
(D) Four

Question No:12

Gymnosperms do not have

(A) Xylem vessels and sieve tubes
(B) Trachieds and sieve tubes
(C) Sieve tubes and companion cells
(D) Trachieds and companion cells

Question No:13

Cycas has the largest

(A) Ovule
(B) Egg
(C) Sperm
(D) All the above

Question No:14

Spermatozoid of Cycas is

(A) Biflagellate
(B) Nonflagellate
(C) Uniflagellate
(D) Multiciliate

Question No:15

Carrageenin a jelly-like substance, is obtained from a marine alga called

(A) Irish Moss/Chondrus
(B) Kelp
(C) Sargassum
(D) Fucus

Question No:16

In pteridophytes/Dryopteris meiosis occurs at the time of

(A) Gamete formation
(B) Spore formation
(C) Formation of prothallus
(D) Formation of sex organs

Question No:17

Cycas revoluta is

(A) Date Palm
(B) Sea Palm
(C) Royal Palm
(D) Sago Palm

Question No:18

Palmella stage occurs in

(A) Spirogyra
(B) Chlamydomonas
(C) Aspergillus
(D) Funaria

Question No:19

Agar -agar commonly used in bacterial cultures and medication is obtained from

(A) Sargassum
(B) Gelidium
(C) Ulothrix
(D) Ulva

Question No:20

Formation of gametophyte directly from sporophyte is

(A) Apogamy
(B) Apospory
(C) Apocarpy
(D) Parthenogenesis