NEET-UG Botany MCQ-66

Question No:1

Ascomycetus members are commonly called

(A) Fission fungi
(B) Club-fungi
(C) Sac fungi
(D) Bread mould

Question No:2

Multicellular decomposers are

(A) Saprophytic plants
(B) Saprophytic bacteria
(C) Fungi
(D) Monerans

Question No:3

Cyanobacteria are

(A) Producers
(B) Decomposers
(C) Consumers
(D) All the above

Question No:4

Halophiles are

(A) Chemoautotrophs
(B) Photoautotrophs
(C) Chemo heterotrophs
(D) Photo heterotrophs

Question No:5

Diatomaceous earth is used in

(A) Polishing
(B) Filtration of liquids
(C) Purification of uranium
(D) (a) and (b)

Question No:6

Slime moulds are ecologically

(A) Producers
(B) Consumerdecomposers
(C) Decomposers
(D) carnivores

Question No:7

Sleeping sickness is caused by

(A) Entamoeba
(B) Paramoecium
(C) Trypanosoma
(D) Plasmodium

Question No:8

Plasmodium is

(A) Captures the prey by pseudopodia
(B) Free living protozoan
(C) Parasitic protozoan
(D) ciliated protozoan

Question No:9

Amoeba moves with the help of

(A) Flagella
(B) Pseudoplasmodia
(C) Cilia
(D) Pseudopodia

Question No:10

A dinoflagellate that makes the sea appear red (red tide)

(A) Desmid
(B) Gonyaulax
(C) Euglena
(D) Diatom

Question No:11

Mycelium is coenocytic in

(A) Phycomycetes
(B) Deuteromycetes
(C) Ascomycetes
(D) Basidiomycetes

Question No:12

In Whittaker’s five kingdom classification, eukaryotes were assigned to

(A) all the five kingdoms
(B) two of the five kingdoms
(C) four of the five kingdoms
(D) only one of the five kingdoms

Question No:13

In Whittaker’s classification Archaebacteria and nitrogen fixing algae are placed under

(A) Plantae
(B) Fungi
(C) Monera
(D) Protista

Question No:14

Two kingdoms that are common to all biological classifications

(A) Monera and Plantae
(B) Plantae and Animalia
(C) Protista and Monera
(D) Animalia and Fungi

Question No:15

______ are very good pollution indicators

(A) Fungi
(B) Bacteria
(C) Lichens
(D) Golden Algae

Question No:16

Bacteria closely resemble

(A) Archaebacteria
(B) Cyanobacteria
(C) Mycoplasma
(D) Fungi

Question No:17

Dikaryophase occurs in

(A) Ascomycetes
(B) Phycomycetes
(C) Basidiomycetes
(D) a & c

Question No:18

Algae were grouped into how many kingdoms according to Whittaker?

(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 3
(D) 1

Question No:19

Monera includes

(A) Unicellular eukaryotes
(B) Saprophytic eukaryotes
(C) Prokaryotes
(D) All of these

Question No:20

Plant body is Mycelium in this kingdom

(A) Protista
(B) Fungi
(C) Monera
(D) Plantae