NEET-UG Botany MCQ-8

Question No:1

Viruses are explained as ‘contagium vivum \ fluidum’ by

(A) Beijerinck
(B) Pasteur
(C) Stanley
(D) Ivanowsky

Question No:2

Viroids were discovered by

(A) Prusiner
(B) Diener
(C) Pasteur
(D) Felix d’ Herelle

Question No:3

Which of these are viral diseases ?

(A) Polio, mumps
(B) Influenza, small pox
(C) Chiken pox, measles
(D) All

Question No:4

Genetic material of virus is

(B) Protein
(D) a or c

Question No:5

Protistans are connecting link between

(A) Fungi and animals
(B) plants and animals
(C) monerans and kingdoms of multicellular organisms
(D) Bacteria and plants

Question No:6

Decomposer protists are

(A) Dinoflagellates
(B) Protozoans
(C) Chrysophytes
(D) Slime moulds

Question No:7

Kingdom fungi includes organisms that are

(A) Achlorophyllous
(B) Non vascular
(C) Flower bearing
(D) (a) & (b)

Question No:8

Lichens are

(A) Parasites
(B) Saprophytes
(C) Symbionts
(D) Chemotrophs

Question No:9

Monera evolved from

(A) Progenote
(B) Protista
(C) Viruses
(D) All the above

Question No:10

Heterotrophic eukaryotes without cell wall are included in

(A) Monera
(B) Fungi
(C) Animalia
(D) Protista

Question No:11

Rust fungus is included in the class

(A) Deuteromycetes
(B) Phycomycetes
(C) Ascomycetes
(D) Basidiomycetes

Question No:12

Genetic material in Animal virus is mostly

(B) DNA or RNA
(D) always ds DNA

Question No:13

Fungal partner in lichens is called

(A) Phycobiont
(B) Mycorrhiza
(C) Mycobiont
(D) Host

Question No:14

_______ are very good pollution indicators and act as poineer community in ecological succession

(A) Lichens
(B) Bacteria
(C) Algae
(D) Mosses

Question No:15

Kingdom protista does not include

(A) Photosynthetic algae
(B) Blue green algae
(C) Slime moulds
(D) Chrysophytes

Question No:16

A fungus Albugo that lives as a parasite on mustard belongs to class

(A) Ascomycetes
(B) Basidiomycetes
(C) Phycomycetes
(D) Deuteromycetes

Question No:17

A unicellular ascomycetes member is

(A) Phytothora
(B) Saccharomyces
(C) Sclerospora
(D) Rhizopus

Question No:18

Monerans that do not have cell wall and smallest known organisms are

(A) Methanogens
(B) Archaebacteria
(C) Mycoplasma
(D) Cyanobacteria

Question No:19

Major photosynthetic planktons are

(A) Chrysophytes
(B) Dinoflagellates
(C) Green algae
(D) a and b

Question No:20

Euglenoids have ____ instead of cell wall

(A) Siliceous frustule
(B) Pellicle
(C) Capsule
(D) Cell membrane