NEET-UG Botany MCQ-7

Question No:1

Kingdom of unicellular eukaryotes is

(A) Monera
(B) Protista
(C) Fungi
(D) Cyanobacteria

Question No:2

Chitinous cell wall and glycogen as reserve food are characteristic of this kingdom

(A) Plantae
(B) Eubacteria
(C) Monera
(D) Fungi

Question No:3

Characters of both animals & plants are found in

(A) Viruses
(B) Bacteria
(C) Euglena
(D) Mycoplasma

Question No:4

Plant decomposers are under these kingdoms

(A) Fungi & plantae
(B) Monera & Fungi
(C) Protista & monera
(D) Protista & Plantae

Question No:5

Viroids have

(A) Nucleic acid & protein
(B) DNA only
(C) RNA only
(D) DNA and RNA

Question No:6

The name virus was given by

(A) Beijerinck
(B) Pasteur
(C) Ivanowsky
(D) W.M. Stanley

Question No:7

Plant viruses generally have

(A) Singlestranded DNA
(B) Double stranded RNA
(C) Singlestranded RNA
(D) Double stranded DNA

Question No:8

Algal component in a lichen

(A) is called mycobiont
(B) absorbs water from substratum
(C) prepares food for fungi
(D) lives as a parasite on fungus

Question No:9

One of the following is a Deuteromycetes fungus

(A) Aspergillus
(B) Agaricus
(C) Alternaria
(D) Albugo

Question No:10

Puccinia is

(A) a fungus that produces antibiotic
(B) a fungus of class Phycomycetes
(C) a fungus that causes rust disease
(D) an imperfect fungus

Question No:11

Protists that form plasmodium are

(A) Euglenoids
(B) Slime moulds
(C) protozoans
(D) Diatoms

Question No:12

Fungus that is extensively used in biochemical & genetic work

(A) Neurospora
(B) Ustilago
(C) Colletotrichum
(D) Saccharomyces

Question No:13

Majority of members are decomposers of litter and help in mineral recycling in this class of fungus

(A) Ascomycetes
(B) Deuteromycetes
(C) Phycomycetes
(D) Basidiomycetes

Question No:14

Organisms that often bloom in polluted water bodies

(A) Archaebacteria
(B) Eubacteria
(C) Mycoplasma
(D) Cyanobacteria

Question No:15

The protein coat of virus is called

(A) Capsule
(B) Capsomere
(C) Capsid
(D) Cypsela

Question No:16

The viruses which infect bacteria are known as

(A) Zoophages
(B) Bacteriophages
(C) Cyanophages
(D) Phytophages

Question No:17

TMV was first crystallised by

(A) Beijerinck
(B) Pasteur
(C) W.M. Stanley
(D) Franklin

Question No:18

Viroids differ from viruses

(A) In absence of RNA
(B) In the presence of DNA
(C) In the absence of a protein coat
(D) In the presence of nucleic acid and protein

Question No:19

Agaricus belongs to the class

(A) Ascomycetes
(B) Phycomycetes
(C) Basidiomycetes
(D) Deuteromycetes

Question No:20

In fungi, the cell wall is mainly composed of

(A) Pectin
(B) Cellulose
(C) Hemicellulose
(D) Chitin