NEET-UG Botany MCQ-2

Question No:1

The fundamental taxonomic category is (basic unit is)

(A) Family
(B) class
(C) Genus
(D) Species

Question No:2

The earliest classifications were based on

(A) Reproduction of plants V
(B) Uses of plants
(C) Diversity of plants
(D) Evolutionary relationship of plants

Question No:3

The taxon which includes related families is

(A) order
(B) class
(C) genus
(D) division

Question No:4

Taxon ending with a suffix ales

(A) species
(B) order
(C) taxonomy
(D) classes

Question No:5

ICBN stands for

(A) Indian congress of Biological names
(B) International congress of biological names
(C) Indian code of botanical nomenclature
(D) International code of botanical nomenclature

Question No:6

Which of the following rank contains organisms most similar to one another

(A) Genus
(B) Division
(C) Kingdom
(D) Species

Question No:7

National botanical Research Institute is located at

(A) Delhi
(B) Kolkata
(C) Lucknow
(D) Dehradun

Question No:8

The author of Systema Nature ?

(A) de candolle
(B) Linnaeus
(C) Aristotle
(D) Theophrastus

Question No:9

First book in which binomial nomenclature was used

(A) system nature
(B) species plantarum
(C) Genara plantarum
(D) origin of species

Question No:10

Binomial nomenclature was popularised by

(A) Linnaeus
(B) Darwin
(C) Haeckel
(D) John ray

Question No:11

Binomial system of nomenclature has been suggested by

(A) Bentham
(B) Caspar bauhin
(C) Linnaeus
(D) Theophrastus

Question No:12

Plant specimens that are dried pressed and preserved on sheets are found in

(A) Herbarium
(B) Floras
(C) Museum
(D) Botanical garden

Question No:13

Herbarium sheets label provides information about

(A) vegetative and floral characters of the plant
(B) Habitat and distribution of the plant
(C) Date and place of collection, common names etc. of the plant
(D) all preserved plant specimens

Question No:14

Museums have

(A) Plant and animal specimens preserved in solutions
(B) stuffed and preserved birds and mammals
(C) Skeletons of animals
(D) all of the above

Question No:15

A taxonomic aid called key is

(A) Useful in classification of plants and animals
(B) based on similarities and dissimilarities
(C) common for identification of taxonomic categories family, genus
(D) an index to flora of a particular area

Question No:16

Live specimens of plants and animals are found respectively in

(A) Botanical gardens and zoological parks
(B) Herbaria & zoo
(C) Museum and monographs
(D) Flora & museum

Question No:17

Lead is

(A) each statement in the key
(B) Information given in floras
(C) contrasting characters in the key
(D) Description of a single taxon

Question No:18

The famous international botanical garden is at

(A) England
(C) Holland
(D) India

Question No:19

In a zoological park

(A) Animals are protected under human care
(B) animals kept in artificial (new) habitats
(C) animal specimens are preserved
(D) animals and plants both are conserved

Question No:20

Botanical gardens have

(A) Dried and preserved plant specimens
(B) Plants grown for identification purposes
(C) Plants grown in their original and natural habitats
(D) Each plant with a label showing all its characters