NEET UG Botany MCQ-121


Question No:1

The following stage lasts for months or years in oocytes of some vertebrates

(A) Zygotene ‘
(B) Pachytene
(C) Diplotene
(D) Diakinesis

Question No:2

Diakinesis is mainly characterized by

(A) Synapsis
(B) Crossing over
(C) Seggregation
(D) Terminalization

Question No:3

Bivalents align on the equatogial plate during

(A) Metaphase
(B) Metaphase-I
(C) Metaphase-II
(D) (b) and (c)

Question No:4

Chromosomes with two chromatids move towards poles in

(A) Anaphase
(B) Anaphase-I
(C) Anaphase-II
(D) Metaphase-I

Question No:5

This stage is called as ‘Dyad of Cells’

(A) Anapase-I
(B) Telophase-I
(C) Metaphase-I
(D) Prophase-I

Question No:6

The following is incorrect with regard to meiosis.

(A) Nuclear envelope disappears twice
(B) Nuclear envelope reappears twice
(C) DNA content of daughter cells is reduced to l/4th of Parental cell
(D) DNA duplicates once

Question No:7

Mitotic cycle can be best observed in ___

(A) Meristematic cells
(B) Sievetubes
(C) Root cap cells
(D) Pollen mother cells

Question No:8

Find the correct statement with respect to replication of DNA in cell division

(A) It occurs during G1-phase of interphase
(B) New strands complimentary to old strands are synthesized with the help of endonucleases
(C) Two strands of DNA unwind from each other due to DNA polymerase
(D) It occurs by semi-conservative method

Question No:9

In a Meristematic cell, DNA quantity becomes double in

(A) G1-sub phase
(B) S-sub phase
(C) G2-sub phase
(D) Prophase

Question No:10

Number of chromatids in G1 and G2 respectively in a somatic cell with 2n = 20

(A) 40, 20
(B) 20, 40
(C) 10, 20
(D) 10, 40

Question No:11

In mitosis, each chromosome splits longitudinally and appear as two chromatids for the first time in

(A) Early metaphase
(B) Mid prophase
(C) Plane of allignment of chromosomes at equator
(D) Telophase

Question No:12

Equatorial plate of metaphase refers to

(A) A fluid plate
(B) Cell plate
(C) Chromosomes arranged as plate
(D) Phragmoplast

Question No:13

Number of DNA molecules in a metaphase chromosome is

(A) Many
(B) Three
(C) One
(D) Two

Question No:14

Centromeric division occurs during

(A) Prophase
(B) Metaphase
(C) Anaphase
(D) Interphase

Question No:15

If each cell of the spore tetrad has 7 chromosomes, how many chromosomes are found in a dividing root tip cell in anaphase ?

(A) 7
(B) 14
(C) 21
(D) 28

Question No:16

In mitosis the pressure on centromere will be more during

(A) Metaphase
(B) Anaphase
(C) TeloPhase
(D) Prophase

Question No:17

A barrel shaped structure organised at interzonal region by remaining spindle fibers at the end of telophase is

(A) Tonoplast
(B) Phragmoplast
(C) Mitoplast
(D) Tyloses

Question No:18

Condensation and decondensation of chromosomes occur respectively in

(A) Prophase and Metaphase
(B) Anaphase and Metaphase
(C) Prophase and Anaphase
(D) Propahse and Telophase

Question No:19

Precursor of cell plate is

(A) Phragmoplast
(B) Middle lamellum
(C) Primary cell wall
(D) Secondary cell wall

Question No:20

Identfy the correct statement

(A) Each metaphasic chromosome shows 4 DNA molecules
(B) Each metaphasic chromatid shows one DNA molecule
(C) Each chromatid shows two DNA molecules in all stages of meiosis
(D) Early anaphasic chromosome shows one DNA but two kinetochore discs