NEET UG Botany MCQ-49

Question No:1

A subaerial stem rooted at every node is

(A) Offset
(B) Runner
(C) Sucker
(D) Stolon

Question No:2

Type of sub – aerial stem in Chrysanthemum is

(A) Sucker
(B) Runner
(C) Bulb
(D) Stolon

Question No:3

A modified stem that performs photosynthesis is

(A) Bulbil
(B) Cladode
(C) Corm
(D) Stem tuber

Question No:4

Bulbils develop at the top of swollen root in

(A) Agave
(B) Oxalis
(C) Globba
(D) Ananas

Question No:5

Pentamerous flowers with monadelphous stamens and schizocarpic fruit that splits into many mericarps is found in

(A) Abutilon
(B) Datura
(C) Lilium
(D) Acacia

Question No:6

The eyes of potato are nodes. These eyes in potato are popularly used as

(A) buds
(B) leaves
(C) seeds
(D) all correct

Question No:7

Food present in bulbs of onion and garlic occurs in

(A) petiole
(B) stem
(C) leaf bases
(D) lamina

Question No:8

A disc like reduced stem is found in

(A) Ginger
(B) Canna
(C) Onion
(D) Crocus

Question No:9

Bulbils are found in

(A) Agave
(B) Ananas
(C) Oxalis
(D) All of these

Question No:10

Cotton plant belongs to family

(A) Malvaceae
(B) Solanaceae
(C) Fabaceae
(D) Liliaceae

Question No:11

Scorpioid uniparous branching is found in

(A) Datura
(B) Saraca
(C) Grape vine
(D) Silene

Question No:12

Underground stem in potato is

(A) stolon
(B) rhizome
(C) stemtubers
(D) bulbils

Question No:13

Which one of the followings has thorns, bearing leaves and flowers on them?

(A) Duranta
(B) Carissa
(C) Artabotrys
(D) Bougainvillea

Question No:14

Tendril is axillary in

(A) Passiflora
(B) Cucurbita
(C) Grape vine
(D) Antigonon

Question No:15

Stolon is found in

(A) Pistia
(B) Jasmine
(C) Cynodon
(D) All correct

Question No:16

In Citrus, Duranta and Bougainvillea, the thorns are the modified

(A) axillary buds
(B) leaves
(C) roots
(D) stem

Question No:17

Phylloclade is found in

(A) Opuntia, Casuarina, Euphorbia, Cocoloba (Meuhelenbecki
(B) all xerophytes
(C) Ziziyphus
(D) only in Opuntia

Question No:18

Leaves in phylloclade of Opuntia are modified into

(A) thorns
(B) spines
(C) flowers
(D) bristles

Question No:19

When the entire stem with its all branches become green, flat, fleshy leafy to do photosynthesis and leaves are modified into spines, it is called

(A) cladode
(B) phylloclade
(C) phyllode
(D) bulbils

Question No:20

In Ruscus, the green leaf like structures bearing a floral bud is

(A) cladode
(B) phylloclade
(C) phyllode
(D) leaf