NEET UG Botany MCQ-43

Question No:1

In Pinus, male cone bears a large number of

(A) microsporophylls
(B) ligules
(C) megasporophylls
(D) anthers

Question No:2

Which of the following is a living fossil?

(A) Funaria
(B) Cycas
(C) Fucus
(D) Selaginella

Question No:3

Both chlorophyll a and d are present in

(A) Rhodophyceae
(B) Phaeophyceae
(C) Chlorophyceae
(D) None

Question No:4

Dispersal of spores in ferns takes place through

(A) Annulus
(B) Stomium
(C) both a and b
(D) Indusium

Question No:5

Spirogyra filaments increase in length due to division of

(A) Every green cell
(B) Rhizoidal cell
(C) Basal cell
(D) Apical cells

Question No:6

Which of the following plants have not changed for several thousand years?

(A) Gnetum
(B) Dryopteris
(C) Ginkgo
(D) Palms

Question No:7

In which one of the following, the male and female gametophytes don’t have free-living independent existence?

(A) Pteris
(B) Funaria
(C) Polytrichum
(D) Cedrus

Question No:8

A mature pollen grain of Pinus has

(A) 2 cells
(B) 3 cells
(C) 4 cells
(D) 5 cells

Question No:9

Fern spores are usually

(A) Haploid
(B) Diploid
(C) Triploid
(D) Tetraploid

Question No:10

Protonema is the stage in the life cycle of

(A) Cycas
(B) Funaria
(C) Selaginella
(D) Mucor

Question No:11

A fern differs from a moss in having

(A) Swimming archegonia
(B) Swimming antherozoids
(C) Independent gametophytes
(D) Independent sporophytes

Question No:12

Prothallus of the fern produces

(A) spores
(B) gametes
(C) sporophylls
(D) spore mother cell

Question No:13

In gymnosperms, the pollen chamber represents

(A) a cell in the pollen grain in which the sperms are formed
(B) a cavity in the ovule in which pollen grains are stored after pollination
(C) an opening in the megagametophyte through which the pollen tube approaches the egg
(D) the microsporangium in which pollen grains develop

Question No:14

Columella is a specialized structure found in the sporangium of

(A) Ulothrix
(B) Anthoceros
(C) Spirogyra
(D) Cycas3

Question No:15

The aquatic fern, which is an excellent biofertilizer is

(A) Azolla
(B) Salvinia
(C) Marselia
(D) Pteridium

Question No:16

Heterospory, rhizophore is often exhibited by a plant possessing

(A) bract
(B) spathe
(C) petiole
(D) ligule

Question No:17

Which of the following plants is generallydescribed as a sago palm ?

(A) Cycas
(B) Cupressus
(C) Taxus
(D) Ephedra

Question No:18

Which of the following is known as living fossil

(A) Pinus
(B) Gnetum
(C) Ginkgo
(D) Riccia

Question No:19

Tea and Coffee are affected by

(A) Phytophthora
(B) Cephaleuros
(C) Herviella
(D) Albugo Candida