NEET UG Botany MCQ-44

Question No:20

Which of the following is used as green manure

(A) Azolla
(B) Azadirachtaindica
(C) Crotalaria juncea
(D) Heveabrassiliensis

Question No:1

In Chlorophyceae, the mode of sexual reproduction is

(A) anisogamy
(B) oogamy
(C) isogamy
(D) all of these

Question No:2

The first phylogenetic system of classification was proposed by

(A) Engler
(B) Engler and Prantl
(C) Eichler
(D) Wetlstein

Question No:3

Blue-Green algae are found in

(A) Cycas
(B) Pinus
(C) Scales of Marchantia
(D) Riccia

Question No:4

Turpentine oil is obtained from

(A) Pinus
(B) Cycas
(C) Cedrus
(D) Dalbergia

Question No:5

Gymnosperms have how many species?

(A) 1000
(B) 900
(C) 640
(D) 300

Question No:6

Monoecious condition is found in

(A) Pteridium
(B) Pinus
(C) Selaginella
(D) Cycas

Question No:7

Thallus of Riccia is

(A) tetraploid
(B) triploid
(C) diploid
(D) haploid

Question No:8

Cell in the neck of archegonium of Dryopteris are how many longitudinal or vertical rows?

(A) 2
(B) 8
(C) 4
(D) 6

Question No:9

Root hairs are

(A) Endogenous
(B) multicellular
(C) in the maturation region
(D) Protected by root cap

Question No:10

Hanging structures in banyan tree are

(A) Storage roots
(B) Stilt roots
(C) Pneumatophores
(D) Prop roots

Question No:11

Underground stem that stores food is found in

(A) Turnip
(B) Rhizophora
(C) Colocasia
(D) Sweet potato

Question No:12

Underground stem in strawberry

(A) helps in climbing
(B) stores food
(C) perform photosynthesis
(D) helps in vegetative propagation

Question No:13

Pulvinus leafbase is present in the leaves of

(A) Xerophytes
(B) Grasses
(C) Legumes
(D) monocots

Question No:14

Phyllotaxy is whorled in

(A) Hibiscus
(B) guava
(C) Alstonia
(D) sunflower

Question No:15

Type of placentation in the ovary of Argemone flower

(A) Axile
(B) Parietal
(C) Basal
(D) Freecentral

Question No:16

Fibrous mesocarp is found in the fruit of

(A) mango
(B) Tomato
(C) Coconut
(D) Maize

Question No:17

Root system develops from

(A) Cotyledon
(B) Radicle
(C) Plumle
(D) Coleoptile

Question No:18

Pandanus possesses

(A) Pneumatophores
(B) prop roots
(C) storage roots
(D) Stilt roots

Question No:19

Vexillary aestivation of corolla is found in

(A) Pisum
(B) Cucurbita
(C) Ipomoea
(D) Zea

Question No:20

Placentation in Fabaceae is

(A) Free central
(B) Axile
(C) marginal
(D) basal