NEET UG Botany MQ-13

Question No:1

Shellfish taken from water during a red tide would be

(A) poisoned with neurotoxin
(B) rich in proteins
(C) dead
(D) rich in minerals

Question No:2

Protests having non contractile pustule are

(A) ciliates
(B) Dinoflagellates
(C) sporozoans
(D) euglenoids

Question No:3

Which colourless protistan shows bioluminescence?

(A) Navicula
(B) Noctiluca
(C) Dictyostelium
(D) Phacus

Question No:4

Which one of the following organisms act as connecting link in possessing characters of plants and animals?

(A) Euglena
(B) Bacteria
(C) Mycoplasma
(D) Paramecium

Question No:5

Auxospores or rejuvenescent cells are characteristic of which of the followings?

(A) Dinoflagellates
(B) Diatoms
(C) Zooflagellates
(D) Sporozoans

Question No:6

Golden brown protists are

(A) dinophyceae
(B) bacillariophyceae
(C) euglenophyceae
(D) both a and b

Question No:7

Longitudinal binary fission is found in

(A) Amoeba
(B) Paramecium
(C) Euglena
(D) None

Question No:8

The cell wall is absent in

(A) dinoflagellates
(B) diatoms
(C) euglenoids
(D) none of these

Question No:9

Mesokaryon, a nucleus with condensed chromosomes, is present in

(A) euglenoids
(B) zooflagellates
(C) dinoflagellates
(D) diatoms

Question No:10

Silica gel (Kieselguhr)/diatomite is obtained from

(A) diatoms
(B) foraminiferans
(C) dinoflagellates
(D) fossilised radiolarians and diatoms

Question No:11

Some periplast covered golden Dinoflagellates called zooxanthellae occur in a number of marine protests & invertebrates. These are

(A) ciliates, radiolarians, foraminiferans
(B) sponges, jelly fishes
(C) gastropods
(D) all of the above

Question No:12

Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) is caused by toxin saxitonin by

(A) Vorticella
(B) Ephidicum
(C) Gonyaulax
(D) Ceratium

Question No:13

A transparent bivalved siliceous shell (silica deposited in cellulosic cell wall) known as frustule is present in

(A) dinoflagellates
(B) diatoms
(C) euglenoids
(D) both b and c

Question No:14

The alga or protist used for the construction of sound proof room is

(A) Diatoms
(B) Chara
(C) Volvox
(D) Fucus

Question No:15

Diatomaceous earth is often accompanied by

(A) reserved carbohydrates
(B) deposits of stones
(C) petroleum fields
(D) deposits of coal

Question No:16

Photosensitivity in Euglena is due to

(A) flagellum
(B) paraflagellar body and stigma
(C) chromatophores
(D) metaboly

Question No:17

The outer covering of which organism is used as abrasive for metal polishing?

(A) Dinoflagellates
(B) Radiolarinas
(C) Sponge
(D) Diatoms

Question No:18

The source of oil and vitamin A in whale blubber/shark liver oil is

(A) Desmid
(B) Dinoflagellate
(C) Nitzschia
(D) b and c

Question No:19

The average size of diatoms go on decreasing as divisions progress. The original size is restored by

(A) statospores
(B) auxospores
(C) zoospores
(D) microspores

Question No:20

Multinucleate decomposer organism is

(A) Pelomyxa
(B) Physarum
(C) Dictyostellium
(D) Arcella