NEET UG Botany MCQ-10

Question No:1

Cyanobacteria are

(A) Producers
(B) Primary consumers
(C) Decomposers
(D) All the above

Question No:2

Decomposers belong to

(A) Bacteria
(B) Fungi
(C) Cyanobacteria
(D) Both a and b

Question No:3

Actinomycetes or ray fungi belong to

(A) Kingdom Fungi
(B) Kingdom Protista
(C) Kingdom Monera
(D) Progenote

Question No:4

The bacteria cells do not aggregrate in

(A) Vibrio
(B) Spirillum
(C) Spirochaete
(D) All the above.

Question No:5

Teichoic acids occur in the walls of

(A) Actinomycetes
(B) Gram positive bacteria
(C) Gram negative bacteria
(D) Spirochaetes.

Question No:6

White rust of Crucifer is caused by

(A) Albugo
(B) Sclerospora
(C) Phytophthora
(D) Pythium

Question No:7

Coenocytic mycelium occurs in

(A) Zygomycetes
(B) Phycomycetes
(C) Both a & b
(D) Deuteromycetes

Question No:8

Ascomycetes members are known as

(A) Club fungi
(B) Sac fungi
(C) Fungi imperfecti
(D) Fission fungi

Question No:9

Fungi differs from bacteria in

(A) Mode of nutrition
(B) Having NAG in cell wall
(C) Flagella structure
(D) Reserve food material as glycogen

Question No:10

Penicillin is derived from

(A) Penicillium rotatum
(B) Penicillium chrysogenum
(C) Penicillium camemberti
(D) Penicillium roqueforti

Question No:11

Branched conidiophores are found in

(A) Penicillium
(B) Rhizopus
(C) Ustilago
(D) Saccharomyces

Question No:12

Fruiting body in Aspergillus (or Penicillium) is known as

(A) Cleistothecium
(B) Apothecium
(C) Perithecium
(D) Hysterothecium

Question No:13

The famous Irish famine is related to a disease of potato known as

(A) Late blight of potato
(B) Early blight of potato
(C) Dry rot of potato
(D) Potato scab

Question No:14

A dolipore septum is a characteristic feature of

(A) Phycomycetes
(B) Ascomycetes
(C) Basidiomycetes
(D) Zygomycetes

Question No:15

Fertile layer of gills in Agaricus is known as

(A) Hymenium
(B) Trama
(C) Paraphyses
(D) Basidia

Question No:16

An edible part of mushroom is

(A) Primary mycelium
(B) Secondary mycelium
(C) Rhizomorph
(D) Basidiocarp

Question No:17

When two host species are required for completion of a parasitic fungus life cycle, this condition is described as

(A) Autoecious
(B) Heteroecious
(C) Autotrophic
(D) Heterokaryotic

Question No:18

Pioneer work on wheat rust was done by

(A) Mundkur
(B) Tulsane
(C) K.C. Mehta
(D) Subramaniam

Question No:19

An ammonifying bacterium is

(A) Bacillus mycoides
(B) Nitrocystis
(C) Nitrosomonas
(D) Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Question No:20

Nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium present in femAzolla is

(A) Nostoc
(B) Trichodesmium
(C) Anabaena
(D) Oscillatoria