NEET Botany MCQ-24

Question No:1

Gametophytes show protonemal and leafy stages

(A) Ferns
(B) Liverworts
(C) Mosses
(D) Horsetails

Question No:2

Adiantum belongs to class

(A) Pteropsida
(B) Psilopsida
(C) Sphenopsida
(D) Lycopsida

Question No:3

A gymnosperm with mycorrhiza

(A) Cycas
(B) Casuarina
(C) Pinus
(D) Cedrus

Question No:4

The giant red wood tree belongs to

(A) Angiosperms
(B) Dicots
(C) Gymnosperms
(D) Monocots

Question No:5

Heterosporous pteridophyte is

(A) Salvinia
(B) Lycopodium
(C) Pteris
(D) Funaria

Question No:6

Floridean starch is stored in members of

(A) Phae.ophyceae
(B) Chlorophyceae
(C) Cyanophyceae
(D) Rhodophyceae

Question No:7

Agar is

(A) obtained from green algae
(B) used in tissue culture medium
(C) stored food in brown algae
(D) pigment present in red algae

Question No:8

Pyriform gametes with two lateral flagella are produced by

(A) blue green algae
(B) green algae
(C) red algae
(D) brown algae

Question No:9

Gametophyte plant body is non vascular in

(A) Algae and liverworts
(B) Gymnosperms and angiosperms
(C) Mosses and ferns
(D) All of these

Question No:10

Reserve food characteristic of brown algae is

(A) Fucoxanthin
(B) Floridean starch
(C) Carrageen
(D) Laminarin

Question No:11

Algin is a phycocolloid, obtained from the cell walls of

(A) Chlamydomonas, Volvox
(B) Laminaria, Fucus
(C) Gelidium, Gracillaria
(D) Ulothrix, Porphyra

Question No:12

Borh sexual and asexual reproductive structures are non flagellated in

(A) green algae
(B) red algae
(C) blue green algae
(D) brown algae

Question No:13

Conducting tissues are absent in

(A) Ferns
(B) Gymnosperms
(C) Mosses
(D) Angiosperms

Question No:14

An alga, that is a rich source of protein is

(A) Nostoc
(B) Ectocarpus
(C) Chlorella
(D) Spirogyra

Question No:15

Flowering plants with naked seeds are

(A) Dicots
(B) Gymnosperms
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Angiosperms

Question No:16

In mosses meiosis occurs

(A) during spore formation
(B) in the zygote
(C) in the gametangium
(D) in the gametes

Question No:17

Fern prothallus is

(A) Rhizoid
(B) Sporophyll
(C) Gametophyte
(D) Sporophyte

Question No:18

In bryophytes

(A) both sporophyte and gametophyte are independent
(B) sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte
(C) both sporophyte and gametophyte are dependent
(D) both gametophyte is dependent on sporophyte

Question No:19

Fusion between two dissimilar flagellated or non flagellated gametes is

(A) Isogamy
(B) Autogamy
(C) Anisogamy
(D) Oogamy

Question No:20

A plant with vascular tissues, but without seeds belong to

(A) Gymnosperms
(B) Angiosperms
(C) Pteridophyta
(D) Bryophyta