NEET UG Botany MCQ-47

Question No:1

Root pockets are found in root of :

(A) Orchids
(B) Piper
(C) Eichhornia
(D) Mirabilis

Question No:2

Roots that hold branches in banyan trees are

(A) Stilt roots
(B) Prop roots
(C) Clinging roots
(D) Hygroscopic roots

Question No:3

Chloroplasts are found in roots of :

(A) Eichhornia
(B) Hydrilla
(C) Nelumbo
(D) Tinospora

Question No:4

Rhizophora produces pneumatophores for :

(A) Rapid absorption
(B) Mechanical support
(C) Anchoring
(D) Gaseous exchange

Question No:5

Total root parasite is

(A) Rafflesia
(B) Loranthus
(C) Cuscuta
(D) Striga

Question No:6

A twiner with parasitic roots

(A) Cuscuta
(B) Podostemon
(C) Rafflesia
(D) Trapa

Question No:7

Insectivorous plants trap insects to fulfil their

(A) Nitrogen requirement
(B) Total nutritional requirement
(C) Mineral requirement
(D) None of the above

Question No:8

In maize, the fibrous roots develop from

(A) Radicle
(B) Coleoptile
(C) Coleorrhiza
(D) base of the stem

Question No:9

Prop roots, stilt roots and pneumatophores are

(A) Adventitious roots
(B) Tap roots
(C) Fibrous roots
(D) All of these

Question No:10

Vela men cells are :

(A) Dead and hygroscopic
(B) Living
(C) Living and hygroscopic
(D) Just like cells of epiblema

Question No:11

Root hairs originate from

(A) Epiblema
(B) Cortex
(C) Endodermis
(D) Pericycle

Question No:12

In Asparagus, food is stored in its

(A) Fasciculated roots
(B) Nodulated roots
(C) Napiform roots
(D) None of these

Question No:13

Chrysanthemum is propagated with the help of

(A) Suckers
(B) Runners
(C) Twiners
(D) Stolons

Question No:14

Respiratory roots are seen in

(A) Cycas
(B) Pinus
(C) Mangroves
(D) Cuscuta

Question No:15

Contractile roots are found in :

(A) Canna and Crocus
(B) Amorphophallus
(C) Dahlia and Helianthus
(D) None of these

Question No:16

Roots grow deeper in search of water in :

(A) Hydrophytes
(B) Mesophytes
(C) Halophytes
(D) Xerophytes

Question No:17

Dahlia is propagated through:

(A) Stem cuttings
(B) Fasciculated roots
(C) Tissue culture
(D) None of these

Question No:18

Conical storage root is found in

(A) Carrot
(B) Radish
(C) Turmeric
(D) Sweet potato

Question No:19

Root hairs are absent in the roots of

(A) Epiphytes
(B) Parasites
(C) Xerophytes
(D) a and b

Question No:20

Complete root parasite is

(A) Cuscuta
(B) Santalum
(C) Orobanche
(D) Loranthus