NEET UG Botany MCQ-118

Question No:1

Cauliflower mosaic virus contain

(A) ss RNA
(B) ds RNA
(C) ds DNA
(D) ss DNA

Question No:2

In three dimensional view, a transfer RNA molecule appear as

(A) L shaped
(B) E shaped
(C) Y shaped
(D) S shaped

Question No:3

Length of one turn of the helix in a B form DNA is approximately

(A) 3.4 nm
(B) 2nm
(C) 0.34nm
(D) 20 nm

Question No:4

One of the similarities between DNA and RNA is that both

(A) Are polymers of nucleotides
(B) Are capable of replicating
(C) Have similar sugars
(D) Have similar pyrimidine bases

Question No:5

Which is an essential amino acid?

(A) Serine
(B) Aspartic acid
(C) Glycine
(D) Phenylalanine

Question No:6

ATP is a

(A) Nucleotide
(B) Nucleosome
(C) Nucleside
(D) Purine

Question No:7

Growth of multicellular orgaisms is initiated by

(A) Cell division
(B) Cell enlargement
(C) Cell differentiation
(D) Morphogenesis

Question No:8

Cell cycle includes

(A) Duplication of genome
(B) (b Duplication of other cell constituents
(C) Cell division
(D) All

Question No:9

Human cells in culture divide approximately for every

(A) 90 minutes
(B) 19 minutes
(C) 24 hours
(D) One hour

Question No:10

Yeast cells can progress through the cell cycle in about

(A) 90 minutes
(B) 19 minutes
(C) 90 seconds
(D) 19 seconds

Question No:11

In human cell cycle, interphase lasts for about

(A) 70%
(B) 95%
(C) 80%
(D) 25%

Question No:12

M phase of cell cycle starts with

(A) Duplication of DNA
(B) Karyokinesis
(C) Cytokinesis
(D) Division of chromosomes

Question No:13

During this phase of cell cycle, cell is metabolically active without duplication of DNA

(A) M-phase
(B) S-phase
(C) G1 phase
(D) G2 phase

Question No:14

The amount of DNA per cell remains same during

(A) S, G2 and metaphase
(B) G1, G2, M phase
(C) Anaphase, Telophase, G2 phase
(D) (a) and (c)

Question No:15

The amount of DNA in a cell in G1, phase is

(A) Half that of S-phase
(B) Half that of G2 phase
(C) Half that of prophase
(D) All

Question No:16

In animal cell-cycle, centriole duplicates during

(A) G1 phase
(B) G2 phase
(C) S-phase
(D) M-phase

Question No:17

Proteins and RNA synthesis occurs during

(A) S phase and G1, phase
(B) G1 and G2 phase
(C) G1and M-phase
(D) S and G2 phase

Question No:18

Cells in this stage can enter into G0 stage

(A) S-phase
(B) G2 phase
(C) G1, phase
(D) M-phase

Question No:19

These cells of adult animals don’t divide

(A) Liver Cells
(B) Heart cells
(C) Nerve cells
(D) (b) and (c)

Question No:20

In animals, mitotic cell division is only seen in

(A) Haploid somatic cells
(B) Diploid somatic cells
(C) Diploid meiocytes
(D) (a) and (c)