NEET UG Botany-127

Question No:1

Which of the following statements is incorrect one about G0 phase?

(A) Mitosis occurs after G0 phase.
(B) Biocatalysts can be used to exit G0 phase.
(C) Cell volume keeps on increasing during this I phase.
(D) Cell metabolism occurs continuously in G0 phase.

Question No:2

Beads on string like structures of A are seen in B, I which further condense to form chromosomes in 1 C stage of cell division.
A -B – C

(A) Chromonetna – Chromatin – Metaphase
(B) Chromatin – Chromatid – Metaphase
(C) Chromonema – Chromosome – Anaphase
(D) Chromonema – Chromatid – Anaphase

Question No:3

Which one of the following is the best stage to observe the shape, size and number of chromosomes in a cell?

(A) Inter phase
(B) Prophase
(C) Metaphase
(D) Telophase

Question No:4

(A) : Reduction division occurs in anaphase so there is no need of meiosis
(R) : Meiosis II occurs to separate homologous chromosomes

(A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
(B) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A
(C) A is true but R is false
(D) A is false and R is false

Question No:5

(A) : Phase of cell division is also known as formative phase
(R): In formative phase new cells are produced from pre-existing cells, through meiosis division

(A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A
(B) Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A
(C) A is true but R is false
(D) A is false and R is false

Question No:6

Spindle fibers of mitotic cell are made up of

(A) Tubulin
(B) Actin
(C) Myosin
(D) Collegen

Question No:7

During gamete formation, the enzyme recombinase participants during

(A) metaphase – I
(B) anaphase – II
(C) prophase – I
(D) prophase – II

Question No:8

During mitosis ER and nucleolus begin to disappear at

(A) Late prophase
(B) Early metaphase
(C) Late metaphase
(D) Early prophase

Question No:9

Synapsis occurs between

(A) mRNA and ribosomes
(B) Spindle fibres and centromere
(C) Two homologous chromosomes
(D) A male and a female gamete

Question No:10

At what stage of the cell cycle are his tone proteins synthesized in a eukaryotic cell?

(A) During entire prophase
(B) During telophase
(C) During S – phase
(D) During G2 stage of prophase

Question No:11

In the somatic cell cycle:

(A) In G1 phase DNA content is double the amount of DNA present in the original cell
(B) DNA replication takes place in S – phase
(C) A short interphase in followed by a long mitotic phase
(D) G2 phase follows mitotic phase

Question No:12

If you are provided with root – tips of onion in your class and are asked to count the chromosomes, which of the following stages can you most conveniently look into?

(A) Metaphase
(B) Telophase
(C) Anaphase
(D) Prophase

Question No:13

Mitotic spindle is mainly composed of proteins

(A) Tubulin
(B) Myosin
(C) Actomyosin
(D) Myoglobin

Question No:14

In grasses what happens in microspore mother cell for the formation of mature pollen grains?

(A) One meiotic and two mitotic divisions
(B) One meiotic and one mitotic division
(C) One meiotic division
(D) One mitotic division

Question No:15

The replication of DNA is a pre-requisite for a eukaryotic cell to undergo division. During the cell cycle, the DNA replicates in:

(A) S – phase
(B) G1 – phase
(C) G2 – phase
(D) M – phase

Question No:16

DNA replicaiton occurs in

(A) G1 Phase
(B) S-phase
(C) G2 -phase
(D) M-phase

Question No:17

Chromosomes are arranged along the equator during

(A) Prophase
(B) Metaphase
(C) Anaphase
(D) Telophase

Question No:18

A mutation in bacterial cell results in non-formation of mesosomes. The expected results will be

(A) Only cell division will occur
(B) Only replication of DNA will occur
(C) Only karyokinesis will occur
(D) All of the above

Question No:19

Colchicine is an inhibitory chemical which

(A) Prevents the spindle formation in mitosis
(B) Prevents the formation of equatorial plane
(C) Stops the functioning of centriole
(D) Prevents attaching of centromeres with rays

Question No:20

How many generations of mitotic divisions are needed for a single cell to make 128 cells?

(A) 7
(B) 14
(C) 28
(D) 32