NEET UG Botany MCQ-119

Question No:1

Mitotic division is also called equational division because

(A) Chromosome number in daughter cells is same
(B) Chromosome number in daughter cells and parental cell is same
(C) Amount of DNA is same in both the daughter cells
(D) Amount of DNA is same in both daughter and parental cell

Question No:2

Two DNA molecules in a chromosome are observed but not distinct is these phases

(A) S and G2
(B) G2, prophase
(C) Metaphase and anaphase.
(D) G1 and G2 phases

Question No:3

Condensation of chromosomal material is initiated during

(A) Prophase
(B) Metaphase
(C) Anaphase
(D) Telophase

Question No:4

Prophase is chracterised by

(A) Condensation of chromosomal material
(B) Centrioles move towards opposite poles of the cell
(C) Initiation of assembly of mitoticspindle
(D) All

Question No:5

Spindle fibres are chemically

(A) Carbohydrates
(B) Proteins
(C) Proteins and carbohydrates
(D) Proteins and fats

Question No:6

The following disappear at the end of prophase

(A) Nucleolus
(B) Nuclear envelope
(C) Golgi and ER
(D) All

Question No:7

Chromosomes are scattered in the cytoplasm during

(A) Early metaphase
(B) Late metaphase
(C) Early anaphase
(D) Late anaphase

Question No:8

Condensation of chromosomes is completed and can be observed clearly under microscope during

(A) Prophase
(B) Metaphase
(C) Anaphase
(D) Telophase

Question No:9

Kinetochores are disc shaped structures associated with

(A) Telomeres
(B) Centromeres
(C) Chromomeres
(D) Secondary constriction

Question No:10

Spindle fibres are attached to kinetochores of chromosomes in

(A) Metaphase
(B) Anaphase
(C) Telophase
(D) (a) and (b)

Question No:11

Chromatids of each chromosome are separated during

(A) Anaphase
(B) Anaphase-I
(C) Anaphase-II
(D) (a) and (c)

Question No:12

Chromosomes with one chromatid move towards the poles of the spindle during

(A) Anaphase-I
(B) Anaphase
(C) Metaphase
(D) Metaphase-I

Question No:13

Chromosomes with two chromatids move towards poles during

(A) Anaphase-I
(B) Anaphse
(C) Anaphase-II
(D) Metaphase

Question No:14

Chromosomes with two chromatids move towards equator of spindle during

(A) Anaphase
(B) Anaphase-I
(C) Anaphase-II
(D) Metaphase

Question No:15

The following character is not observed during Anaphase

(A) Centromere splits
(B) Chromatids move towards equator
(C) Chromatids move towards poles
(D) Centromeres of chromatids are oriented towards poles

Question No:16

Chromosomes decondense and loose their individuality during

(A) Prophase
(B) Metaphase
(C) Anaphase
(D) Telophase

Question No:17

The following are reformed during Telophase

(A) Nucleolus
(B) Golgi complex
(C) ER
(D) All

Question No:18

Example for coenocytic condition is

(A) Liquid endosperm of coconut
(B) Solid endosperm of coconut
(C) Telophase-II
(D) (a) and (b)

Question No:19

Precursor of cell wall is

(A) Middle lamellum
(B) Cell plate
(C) Mitotic spindle
(D) Metaphase plate

Question No:20

Cell division usually involves

(A) Karyokinesis followed by cytokinesis
(B) Karyokinesis preceded by cytokinesis
(C) Cytokinesis followed by karyokinesis
(D) (a) and (c)