NEET UG Botany MCQ-55

Question No:1

Synandrous condition is found in

(A) Calotropis
(B) coriander
(C) cucumber
(D) Ocimum

Question No:2

In anemophilous flowers, stigma is

(A) small
(B) sticky
(C) hairy
(D) smooth

Question No:3

Glumes occur in flowers of

(A) grasses
(B) orchids
(C) asteraceae
(D) none of these

Question No:4

A condition when the stamens are in two whorls, the outer whorl two and inner whorl two are found in

(A) Ocimum
(B) Brassica
(C) Pisum
(D) Hibiscus

Question No:5

When the stamens fuse with the pistil, the conditions known as

(A) gynoecium
(B) gynandrous
(C) epipetalous
(D) epiphyllous

Question No:6

A reduced or sterile stamen is called

(A) pistillode
(B) staminode
(C) corona
(D) calyculus

Question No:7

Basifixed anthers are found in

(A) Hibiscus
(B) Nelumbo
(C) Oryza
(D) Datura

Question No:8

In a tetradynamous androecium one of the following is seen

(A) outer whorl of 4 shorter stamens and inner whorl of 2 longer stamens
(B) Outer whorl of 2 longer stamens and inner whorl of 4 shorter stamens
(C) outer whorl of 4 longer stamens and inner whorl of 2 shorter stamens
(D) outer whorl of 2 shorter stamens and inner whorl of 4 longer stamens

Question No:9

Schizocarpic fruit splits into

(A) one seeded parts
(B) Two parts
(C) valves and expose the seeds
(D) many seeded parts

Question No:10

Lomentum is

(A) achenial fruit
(B) schizocarpic
(C) composite fruit
(D) capsular fruit

Question No:11

Type of fruit in coconut is

(A) Drupe
(B) Nut
(C) Berry
(D) Pome

Question No:12

Which of the following is a true fruit?

(A) Tomato
(B) Fig
(C) Apple
(D) Pear

Question No:13

Aril represents the edible part of

(A) mango
(B) apple
(C) banana
(D) litchi

Question No:14

Fruits developed from bicarpellary syncarpous ovary having one false septum are

(A) siliqua
(B) achene
(C) capsule
(D) all of these

Question No:15

Juicy hair-like structure observed in the lemon fruit develop from

(A) exocarp
(B) mesocarp
(C) endocarp
(D) mesocarp and endocarp

Question No:16

In a cereal grain the single cotyledon of embryo is

(A) coleoptile
(B) coleohiza
(C) scutellum
(D) prophyll

Question No:17

The fleshy receptacle of syconus of the fig encloses a number of

(A) berries
(B) mericarps
(C) achenes
(D) samaras

Question No:18

Dry indehiscent single seeded fruit formed from bicarpellary syncarpous inferior ovary is

(A) berry
(B) cremocarp
(C) caryopsis
(D) cypsella

Question No:19

The fruit is chambered, developed from inferior ovary and has seeds with succulent testa in

(A) guava
(B) cucumber
(C) pomegranate
(D) orange

Question No:20

A fruit developed from hypanthodium inflorescence is called

(A) sorosis
(B) syconus
(C) caryopsis
(D) hesperidium