NEET UG Botany MCQ-53

Question No:1

Dichasial cyme is found in

(A) Jasmine
(B) Solanum
(C) Calotropis
(D) Ipomoea

Question No:2

An inflorescence with saucer shaped open receptacle bearing flowers like a hypanthodium, found in Dorstenia is called

(A) hypanthodium
(B) cyathium
(C) coenanthium
(D) scapigerous

Question No:3

Cyathium is found in genus

(A) Croton
(B) Ficus
(C) Euphorbia
(D) Ricinus

Question No:4

The special type of inflorescence found in Ficus where the female flowers are at bottom and male flowers near ostiole and enclosed within a cup shaped fleshy thalamus (receptacle) with ostiole is called

(A) cyathium
(B) verticellaster
(C) spadix
(D) hypanthodium

Question No:5

Three types of flowers are found in

(A) capitulum
(B) hypanthodium
(C) spike
(D) verticellaster

Question No:6

Gall flowers are found in

(A) spadix
(B) hypanthodium
(C) catkin
(D) capitulum

Question No:7

The bracts associated with spikelet inflorescence are called

(A) involucre
(B) spathe
(C) glumes
(D) pappus

Question No:8

Inflorescence of jowar (Sorghum) is

(A) capitulum
(B) verticellaster
(C) spike of spikelet
(D) cyathium

Question No:9

An achylamydeous (naked) flower with single stamen is found in

(A) Head
(B) Cyathium
(C) Umbel
(D) Hypanthodium

Question No:10

Cyathium and hypanthodium are similar in having

(A) nectary
(B) apical pore
(C) petaloid bracts
(D) unisexual flowers

Question No:11

Glumes are modified

(A) petals
(B) sepals
(C) tepals
(D) bracts

Question No:12

Spadix is the inflorescence in

(A) Maize, Coconut, Cauliflower
(B) Palm, Coconut, Banana
(C) Fig, Aroids, Mulberry
(D) Arisaema, Rice, Banana

Question No:13

Which inflorescence is present in Apiaceae?

(A) Umbel
(B) Catkin
(C) Spadix
(D) Hypanthodium

Question No:14

The receptacle is flattened at the top and bears numerous sessile flowers in centripetal manner in

(A) cyathium
(B) catkin
(C) umbel
(D) capitulum

Question No:15

‘Cauliflory’ is

(A) production of flowers on old stem
(B) flowers on young branches
(C) plant which produces cauliflower
(D) flowers in clusters

Question No:16

When pedicellate, bisexual flowers are borne acropetally, it is

(A) spike
(B) raceme
(C) spikelet
(D) head

Question No:17

Ficus is an example of which kind of inflorescence?

(A) raceme
(B) spike
(C) cyathium
(D) hypanthodium

Question No:18

The characteristic type of inflorescence in Coriandrum is

(A) corymb
(B) compound spke
(C) compound umbel
(D) compound capitulum Flower

Question No:19

Flower is zygomorphic in

(A) Lilium
(B) Hibiscus
(C) Ocimum
(D) Solanum

Question No:20

If a plant bears unisexual, bisexual and even neutral flowers, it is called

(A) bisexual
(B) polygamous
(C) bigamous
(D) monoecious