Biology Botany Online Mock Test AIIMS,NEET UG,JIPMER,Medical exam

NEET UG Botany MCQ-61

Question No:1

Plants with inferior ovary usually bear

(A) pseudo carps
(B) berries
(C) aggregate fruits
(D) seedless fruits

Question No:2

Nature of fruit depends upon type of

(A) Gynoecium
(B) Style and stigma
(C) Placentation
(D) Pollination

Question No:3

Tetradynamous condition is found in

(A) Asteraceae
(B) Fabaceae
(C) Malvaceae
(D) Brassicaceae

Question No:4

In Calotropis, phyllotaxy of leaves is

(A) alternate
(B) opposite
(C) Agave
(D) Ruscus

Question No:5

Rhizophora do not have

(A) prop roots
(B) stilt root
(C) pneumatophores
(D) modified roots

Question No:6

The hardest part of mango is

(A) Mesocarp
(B) Endocarp
(C) Pericarp
(D) Epicarp

Question No:7

Inflorescence with largest bract is

(A) umbel
(B) spadix
(C) raceme
(D) corymb

Question No:8

Vela men is found in

(A) aerial root of orchid
(B) clinging root of orchid
(C) leaf of orchid
(D) leaf of angiosperm

Question No:9

Lomentum is a

(A) inflorescence
(B) seed
(C) fruit
(D) flower

Question No:10

Placentation in tomato and lemon is

(A) parietal
(B) free central
(C) marginal
(D) axile

Question No:11

Cymose inflorescence is present in

(A) Solanum
(B) Sesbania
(C) Trifolium
(D) Brassica

Question No:12

Phyllode is present in

(A) Asparagus
(B) Euphorbia
(C) Australian Acacia
(D) Opuntia

Question No:13

The gycoecium consists of many free pistils in flowers of

(A) Aloe
(B) tomato
(C) Papaver
(D) Michelia

Question No:14

Which one of the following is correctly matched?

(A) Onion – Bulb
(B) Ginger – Sucker
(C) Chlamydomonas – Conidia
(D) Yeast – Zoospores

Question No:15

How many plants in the list given below have composite fruits that develop from an inflorescence? Walnut, poppy, radish, fig, pineapple, apple, tomato, mulberry

(A) Four
(B) Five
(C) Two
(D) Three

Question No:16

Fruit developed from hypanthodium inflorescence is called

(A) Caryopsis
(B) Hesperidium
(C) Sorosis
(D) Syconus

Question No:17

An example of axile Placentation is

(A) Marigold
(B) Argemone
(C) Dianthus
(D) Lemon

Question No:18

Vegetative propagation in mint occurs by :

(A) Sucker
(B) Runner
(C) Off set
(D) Rhizome

Question No:19

Replum is present in the ovary of

(A) Sunflower
(B) Pea
(C) Lemon
(D) Mustard

Question No:20

The fruit is chambered, developed from superior ovary and has seeds

(A) Guava
(B) Cucumber
(C) Pomegranate
(D) Orange