NEET UG Botany MCQ-83

Question No:1

Major packaging material of chromosome is

(C) Histones
(D) All

Question No:2

The part of chromosome at primary constriction area is called

(A) Kinetochore
(B) Centromere
(C) Chromatin
(D) Nucleus

Question No:3

Proteinaceous disc shaped structures associated with centromere of a chromosome are

(A) Kinetochores
(B) Histones
(C) Nucleoproteins
(D) Telomeres

Question No:4

Component of a chromosome which divides it into two arms is

(A) Primary constriction
(B) Secondary constriction
(C) Nuclear organizer
(D) Trebent

Question No:5

A chromosome with two equal arms is

(A) Sub – metacentric
(B) Metacentric
(C) Telocentric
(D) Acrocentric

Question No:6

Chromosome with two unequal arms is

(A) Metacentric
(B) Sab – metacentric
(C) Acrocentric
(D) (b) and (c)

Question No:7

A chromosome with one shorter arm and one longer arm is

(A) Metacentric
(B) Sub-metacentric
(C) Acrocentric
(D) Telocentric

Question No:8

A chromosome with one extremely short and one very long arm is

(A) Acrocentric
(B) Telocentric
(C) Metacentric
(D) Sub-metacentric

Question No:9

A chromosome with only one arm is

(A) Acrocentric
(B) Telocentric
(C) Metacentric
(D) Sub-metacentric

Question No:10

The non – staining constriction at a constant location in a specific chromosome is

(A) Primary constriction
(B) Secondary constriction
(C) Satellite
(D) (b) and (c)

Question No:11

The small rounded knob like fragment in a chromosome lying beyond the secondary constriction is

(A) Centromere
(B) Kinetochore
(C) Satellite
(D) Telomere

Question No:12

Membrane bound minute vesicles with enzymatic matrix present in both plant and animal cells are

(A) Microbodies
(B) Microsomes
(C) Ribosomes
(D) Plastids

Question No:13

The cell organelle which facilitates locomotion in certain eukaryotic animal cell is

(A) Cilia
(B) Flagella
(C) Centrosome
(D) Centriole

Question No:14

The cell organelle which helps in oxidative phosphorylation is

(A) Chloroplast
(B) Mitochondria
(C) Ribosome
(D) ER

Question No:15

Energy transducing cell organelles in a cell are

(A) Chloroplast
(B) Mitochondria
(C) Ribosome
(D) (a) and (b)

Question No:16

90 percent of the volume of the mature plant cell is occupied by

(A) Cytoplasm
(B) Nucleus
(C) Vacuole
(D) Cell membrane

Question No:17

Nucleus as a cell organelle was first described by

(A) Robert Hooke
(B) Robertson
(C) Rausburg
(D) Robert Brown

Question No:18

Na+ and K+ pumping across the membrane is a/an

(A) Passive transport
(B) Active transport
(C) Diffusion
(D) none of these

Question No:19

The isolation of individual organelles from cell homogenates is achieved through

(A) X-ray diffraction
(B) Chromatography
(C) Differential centrifugation
(D) Micro spectrophotometry

Question No:20

Which technique, other than electron microscopy is used to study the fine structure of a molecule

(A) Plasmolysis
(B) Chromatography
(C) Crystallography
(D) Obliteration