NEET UG Botany MCQ-85

Question No:1

Circular DNA, RNA fragments and 70S ribosomes are seen in

(A) ER
(B) Mitochondria
(C) Chloroplast
(D) Both (b) and (c)

Question No:2

After fertilization one of the following changes is noticed in the ovary of Capsicum and potato.

(A) Chromoplasts conversion to chloroplasts
(B) Chloroplasts conversion to Chromoplasts
(C) Leucoplasts conversion to Chromoplasts
(D) Leucoplasts conversion to chloroplasts

Question No:3

Potential energy is converted into kinetic energy by

(A) Chloroplasts
(B) Chromoplasts
(C) Mitochondria
(D) E.R.

Question No:4

The term ‘mitochondrion’ was given by

(A) Benda
(B) Schimper
(C) Altmann
(D) Kolliker

Question No:5

Krebs cycle takes place in

(A) Matrix of mitochondrion
(B) Stroma of chloroplast
(C) Thylokoid of Chloroplast
(D) Cristae of Mitochondrion

Question No:6

Mitochondrion is semiautonous cell organelle due to the presence of

(A) 70S Ribosomes
(B) Circular DNA
(C) Cell wall
(D) Plasma membrane

Question No:7

Number of oxysomes per mitochondrion is

(A) 104-105
(B) 102-103
(C) 106-108
(D) 108-109

Question No:8

Endomembrane components are
(A) ER
(B) Mitochondria
(C) Repository of cell
(D) Chloroplast
(E) Suicidal bags of cell

(A) A, B, C and D
(B) Except ‘A’ remaining all
(C) A, D, E
(D) A, C, E

Question No:9

Densely stained structure near the nucleus is

(A) Lysosomes
(B) Ribosomes
(C) Golgi complex
(D) Bioplasts

Question No:10

The term Endoplasmic reticulm was given by

(A) Kolliker
(B) Schimper
(C) Altaian
(D) Porter

Question No:11

Following cell organcelle is involved in the formation of cell plate

(A) Peroxysomes
(B) Chloroplast
(C) ER
(D) Golgicomplex

Question No:12

Polymorphic cellorganelle is

(A) Suicidal bags of “cell
(B) Paladae granules
(C) Plasmasome
(D) Golgi complex

Question No:13

Hydrolysing enzymes are present in

(A) Nucleoplasm, peroxisomes
(B) Lysosomes, peroxisomes
(C) Glyoxysomes, nucleoplasm
(D) Lysosomes, nucleoplasm.

Question No:14

Polymorphic cell organells are

(A) All semiautonomous cell organells and lysosomes
(B) Lysosomes and peroxysomes
(C) Suicidal bags of cell and exclusive semiautonomous plant cell organelle
(D) Endoplasm reticulm and chloroplast.

Question No:15

Universal cell organelles are

(A) Ergosomes
(B) Palade granules
(C) Peroxysomes
(D) (a) and (b)

Question No:16

Peptidyl transferase enzyme is present in the following ribosomal sub-unit in chloroplast.

(A) 30S
(C) 40S
(D) 60S

Question No:17

Polysome contains

(A) One m-RNA with one paladae granule
(B) One m-RNA with many lysosomes
(C) One m-RNA with many Ergosomes
(D) Many m-RNA with many lysosomes.

Question No:18

The shape of nucleus in human neutrophils

(A) Bilobed
(B) Tetralobed
(C) Trilobed
(D) Spherical

Question No:19

Fungus with multinucleate condition is
(A) Mucor
(C) Vaucheria
(B) Spirogyra
(D) Rhizopus

(A) A, B
(B) B, C
(C) A, D
(D) C, D

Question No:20

Nucleoli were discovered by

(A) Sutton
(B) Fontona
(C) Hertwig
(D) Watson