NEET UG Botany MCQ-77

Question No:1


(A) Contain antibiotic resistance gens
(B) Contain ds DNA molecule
(C) Are self replicable
(D) AH the above

Question No:2

Unique features of prokaryotic cells are the presence of

(A) Mesosomes
(B) Inclusion bodies
(C) Plasmids
(D) All the above

Question No:3

In prokaryotes the cell envelope includes

(A) Glycocalyx
(B) Cell wall
(C) Cell membrane
(D) All the above

Question No:4

Bacteria are divided into Gram +ve and Gram – ve based on

(A) Nature of cell envelope
(B) Response to staining
(C) Plasmids
(D) a & b

Question No:5

The structure which prevents the bacteria from bursting or collapsing is

(A) Cell wall
(B) Glycocalyx
(C) Cell membrane
(D) Mesosomes

Question No:6

Mesosomes include

(A) Vesicles
(B) Tubules
(C) Lamellae
(D) All the above

Question No:7

Mesosomes help in
(A) Cell wall formation
(B)DNA replication
(C) Replication
(D) Secretion
(E)To increase enzymatic content

(A) B, C only
(B) C, D only
(C) A, C only
(D) A, B, C, D, E

Question No:8

In cyanobacteria, membranous extension with pigments into the cytoplasm are called

(A) Chromosomes
(B) Chromomeres
(C) Chromatophores
(D) Chloroplasts

Question No:9

Bacterial flagellum is composed of

(A) Basal body
(B) Hook
(C) Filament
(D) All the above

Question No:10

Function of fimbriae is

(A) Attachment
(B) Absorption
(C) Secretion
(D) Reproduction

Question No:11

In prokaryotes the ribosomes are associated with

(A) Cytosol
(B) Cell wall
(C) Plasma membrane
(D) Nucleoid

Question No:12

Type of ribosomes present in prokaryotes is

(A) 80s
(B) 50s
(C) 30s
(D) 70s

Question No:13

Site of protein synthesis in a prokaryotic cell is

(A) Cytosol
(B) Plasma membrane
(C) Ribosomes
(D) Gas vacuoles

Question No:14

Reserve materials in prokaryotic cells are stored in the cytoplasm in the form of

(A) Ribosomes
(B) Polysomes
(C) Inclusion bodies
(D) Vacuoles

Question No:15

Amembrane bound systems which are present freely in the cytoplasm

(A) Ribosomes
(B) Inclusion bodies
(C) Residual bodies
(D) Baker’s bodies

Question No:16

Amembrane systems that lie freely in the cytoplasm includes

(A) Phosphate granules
(B) Glycogen granules
(C) Cyanophycean granules
(D) All the above

Question No:17

Inclusion bodies that are exclusively found aquatic blue green, purple and green photosynthetic bacteria

(A) Vacuoles
(B) Palade granules
(C) Gas vacuoles
(D) Elementary bodies.

Question No:18

Nucleus with nuclear membrane is found in

(A) Protists
(B) Plant & fungal cells
(C) Animal cells
(D) All

Question No:19

Eukaryotic cells may differ with prokaryotic cells in having

(A) Locomotory structures
(B) Cytoskeleton
(C) Nucleus with nuclear membrane
(D) All the above

Question No:20

Animal cells are different with plant cells in lack of

(A) Cell wall
(B) Plastids
(C) Nucleus
(D) a&b