NEET UG Botany MCQ-19

Question No:1

Most of the lichens are composed of

(A) blue green algae and ascomycetes
(B) green algae and ascomycetes
(C) green algae and basidiomycetes
(D) blue green algae and basidiomycetes

Question No:2

Lichens are indicators of

(A) water pollution
(B) air pollution
(C) soil pollution
(D) all of these

Question No:3

Reinder moss is a lichen used as food by man. This belongs to the genus

(A) Cetraria
(B) Lobaria
(C) Usnea
(D) Cladonia

Question No:4

Lichens are ecologically important as they

(A) purify air
(B) are pioneers of ecological succession on barren rocks (Lithosere)
(C) are symbionts of algae and fungi
(D) are associated with mycorrhizal roots

Question No:5

Lichens are found in

(A) xerophytic habitat
(B) mesophytic habitat
(C) aquatic habitat
(D) all of the above

Question No:6

Late Blight of potato that caused Irish famine in 1945 to 1947 was due to

(A) Phytophthora infestans
(B) Colletotrichum falcatum
(C) Pucclna graminis
(D) Helminthosporium oryzae

Question No:7

Source of griseofulvin -an anti ringworm drug, is

(A) Pencillium chrysogenum
(B) Pencillium griseofulvum
(C) Streptomyces griseofulvum
(D) Candida albicans

Question No:8

White rust of crucifers is due to

(A) Albugo Candida (=Cystopus candidus)
(B) Cercospora personata
(C) Phytophthora infestans
(D) Pythium debaryanum

Question No:9

Presently the source of Wonder drug is

(A) Penicillium notatum
(B) Penicillium chrysogenum
(C) Penicillium camemforti
(D) Penicillium roqueforti

Question No:10

Ergot of Rye is caused by a species of

(A) Ustilago
(B) Claviceps
(C) Erysiphe
(D) Phytophthora

Question No:11

Laboratory weed/Guinea pig of plant kingdom is

(A) Neurospora
(B) Chara
(C) Aspergillus
(D) Penicillium

Question No:12

An ascomycetes fungus is

(A) Yeast
(B) Phytophthora
(C) Pleurotus
(D) Agaricus

Question No:13

Rhizopus stolonifer is

(A) Homothallic and heterotrophic
(B) Heterothallic and autotrophic
(C) Heterothallic and heterotrophic
(D) Heterotrophic and autoicous

Question No:14

Non-resting, non-motile multinucleate spores formed during sexual reproduction in Rhizopus are

(A) Germ spores
(B) Sporangiospores
(C) Chlamydospores
(D) Mitospores

Question No:15

Which one of the following statements about viruses is correct ?

(A) Viruses possess their own metabolic system
(B) All viruses contain both RNA and DNA
(C) Viruses are obligate parasites
(D) Nucleic acid of viruses is known as capsid

Question No:16

Viroids have

(A) single-stranded RNA not enclosed by protein coat
(B) single-stranded DNA not enclosed by protein coat
(C) double-stranded DNA enlcosed by protein coat
(D) double-stranded RNA enclosed by protein coat

Question No:17

Prion consits mainly of

(A) Protein
(D) both b and c

Question No:18

Viruses as ‘contagium vivum fluidum’ was said by

(A) Meyer
(B) Stanley
(C) Beijerink
(D) Ivanowsky

Question No:19

Who discovered viroids ?

(A) B. Prusiner
(B) Diener
(C) Findlay
(D) McCallum

Question No:20

Virion is

(A) nucleic acid of virus
(B) antiviral agent
(C) protein of virus
(D) completely assembled virus