NEET UG Botany MCQ-106

Question No:1

In both DNA and RNA, heterocyclic base and phosphate ester linkages are at

(A) C5 and C 2 (B) C 2 and C 5 respectively of the sugar molecule.
(C) C t and C 5 respectively of the sugar molecule.
(D) C 5 and C 1 respectively of the sugar molecule

Question No:2

Number of base pairs present in total DNA of human cell (human genome) is around

(A) 3.3×10 5
(B) 3.3×10 8
(C) 3.3×10 7
(D) 3.3×10 9

Question No:3

Which of the following processes is “semi conservative”?

(A) Translation
(B) Transcription
(C) Replication
(D) Reverse transcription

Question No:4

The relationship between the nucleotide triplets and the amino acids is called

(A) Translation
(B) Transcription
(C) Replication
(D) Genetic code

Question No:5

Number of C=0 groups in thymine and in X are equal. Now, X is

(A) Cytosine
(B) Uracil
(C) Adenine
(D) Guanine

Question No:6

In the nucleotide namely adenosine-5′-tri phosphate, the sequence of linkages among N (base), C(sugar) and P(phosphate) is

(A) C-P-N-P-P
(B) N-C-P-P-P
(C) P-C-N-P-P
(D) P-P-P-C-N

Question No:7

Incorrect relationship regarding all types of living species is

(A) A+G =C+T
(B) A+G=C+U
(C) (A+T)/(C+G)=1
(D) (A+T)/(C+G)#0

Question No:8

In nucleosides, both base and sugar are joined by

(A) Hydrogen bond
(B) N-glycoside bond
(C) -S-S-bond
(D) (a) and (c)

Question No:9

The number of hydrogen bonds present in the sequence of a stretch of a double helical DNA 5 1 ATGCCTAA 3 1 is

(A) 16
(B) 19
(C) 24
(D) 20

Question No:10

Two samples of DNA, A and B have melting points 340K and 350 K respectively. This is because

(A) B has more GC content than A
(B) A has more GC content than B
(C) A has more AT content than B
(D) Both have same AT content.

Question No:11

Which one of the following sequence of groups in AMP?

(A) Sugar – base -phosphate
(B) Base-sugar-phosphate
(C) Phosphate -base-sugar
(D) Phosphate-acid-sugar

Question No:12

The process in which strands of melted DNA hybridise on cooling is known as

(A) Melting
(B) Freezing
(C) Annealing
(D) Denaturation

Question No:13

Through this experiment Avery, Macleod and Me Carty had showed that DNA is the sole carrier of genetic information

(A) Transcription
(B) Transduction
(C) Transformation
(D) Translocation

Question No:14

The ratio of phosphates, sugars and nitrogen bases in ds – DNA

(A) 1:2:1
(B) 1:1:1
(C) 1:1:2
(D) 3:1:1

Question No:15

Chargaff did not establish that

(A) A:T = 1 : 1
(B) G : C = 1 : 1
(C) A+G:T+C #1:1
(D) A+T: G+C # 1:1

Question No:16

Length of DNA is 1700A 0. The number of nucleotides it contains is

(A) 1000
(B) 500
(C) 3400
(D) 850

Question No:17

The minimum and maximum number of hydrogen bonds found in a coil of ds-DNA respectively are

(A) 10 and 10
(B) 20 and 20
(C) 30 and 20
(D) 20 and 30

Question No:18

The most unstable molecule is

(A) ss DNA
(B) ds RNA
(C) m RNA
(D) t RNA

Question No:19

RNA which is almost in the form of a regular double helix is

(A) rRNA
(B) m RNA
(C) ds RNA
(D) t RNA

Question No:20

t-RNA cannot be called

(A) s RNA
(B) Adaptor RNA
(C) Interpreter of genetic code
(D) Genetic RNA