NEET UG Botany MCQ-104

Question No:1

Which of the following are non-reducing sugars?

(A) Sucrose
(B) Stachyose
(C) Lactose
(D) (a) & (b)

Question No:2

Main reserve food material in Asteraceae family members is in the form of

(A) Cellulose
(B) Starch
(C) Inulin
(D) Pectin

Question No:3

Agar-Agar is present in the cell wall of

(A) Brown algae
(B) Red algae
(C) Green algae
(D) All the above

Question No:4

An alcohol of mannose found in brown algae is

(A) Sorbitol
(B) Manitol
(C) Dulcitol
(D) All the above

Question No:5

Most basic amino acid is

(A) Arginine
(B) Histidine
(C) Glycine
(D) Glutaimine

Question No:6

When two polypeptide chains are joined by hydrogen bonding it is a

(A) Pleated sheet
(B) ?-helix
(C) Polymer
(D) Hydrogen bond

Question No:7

The functional group found in amino acid is

(A) -COOH group
(B) -NH 2 group
(C) -CH 3 group
(D) both (a) and (b)

Question No:8

A tripeptide contains ___ peptide links

(A) 3
(B) 2
(C) 6
(D) 4

Question No:9

At the isoelectric point, amino acids are present as


Question No:10

Nature of aqueous solutions of two different amino acids X and Y are acidic and basic. Now X and Y are

(A) Alanine and valine
(B) Aspartic acid and aspargine
(C) Glutamine and gutamine acid
(D) Aspartic acid and lysine

Question No:11

Which of the following molecule is incapable of forming zwitter ion?

(A) Glycine
(B) Alanine
(C) Valine
(D) Picric acid

Question No:12

Nature of amino acids (acidic or basic) is decided based on the number of

(A) -COOH groups
(B) –NH2 groups
(C) both (a) and (b)
(D) None of the above

Question No:13

Dyenin is unique protein of

(A) Ribosome
(B) Centrioles
(C) Flagella
(D) Nucleus

Question No:14

The caesin of milk is a

(A) Lipid
(B) Carbohydrate
(C) Protein
(D) Steroid

Question No:15

Simplest amino acid which is optically inactive is

(A) Glycine
(B) Proline
(C) Leucine
(D) Tryptophan

Question No:16

Which of the following contains nitrogen?

(A) Fats
(B) Proteins
(C) Carbohydrates
(D) Hydrocarbons

Question No:17

? -pleated structure of proteins is

(A) Primary structure
(B) Secondary structure
(C) Tertiary structure
(D) Quaternary structure

Question No:18

Which of the following statement is not correct?

(A) Proteins are polyamides formed from amino acids
(B) Except glycine, all other amino acids show optical activity
(C) Natural proteins are made up of L-isomers of amino acids.
(D) In ? amino acids, -NH2 and -COOH groups are attached to different carbon atoms

Question No:19

Which one of the following is not a protein?

(A) Wool
(B) Nail
(C) Hair

Question No:20

Proteins cannot be denatured by the addition of

(A) Water
(B) Acids
(C) Detergents
(D) Heat