NEET UG Botany MCQ-29

Question No:1

For the first time sporophyte has become more dominant than gametophyte in the following group of plants

(A) Pteridophytes
(B) Bryophytes
(C) Mosses
(D) Gymnosperms

Question No:2

Both microphyllous and megaphyllous plants are seen in

(A) Bryophytes
(B) Pteridophytes
(C) Gymnosperms
(D) Angiosperms

Question No:3

First tracheophytes are

(A) Pteridophytes
(B) Bryophytes
(C) Gymnosperms
(D) Angiosperms

Question No:4

Sporophylls aggregate as cones in

(A) Dryopteris
(B) Ferns
(C) Equisetum
(D) Marselia

Question No:5

Prothallus is

(A) gametophyte of bryophytes
(B) gametophyte of pteridophytes
(C) sporophyte of pteridophytes
(D) sporophyte of bryophytes

Question No:6

Most of the pteridophytes are

(A) Monosporous
(B) Polysporous
(C) Homosporous
(D) Heterosporous

Question No:7

Heterosporous aquatic ferns are

(A) Lycopodium, Selaginella
(B) Equisetum, Selaginella
(C) Azolla, Salvinia
(D) Dryopteris, Pteris

Question No:8

Female gametophyte is retained for sometime on sporophyte of the following pteridophyte

(A) Salvinia
(B) Equisetum
(C) Lycopodium
(D) Dryopteris

Question No:9

The prerequisite for seed habit is

(A) Retention of male gametophyte on sporophyte
(B) Retention of female gametophyte on sporophyte
(C) Formation of two types of spores
(D) Absence of flagellated male gametes

Question No:10

Ferns belongs to class

(A) Psylopsida
(B) Lycopsida
(C) Sphenopsida
(D) Pteropsida

Question No:11

Dependent gametophytes on sporophyte are seen for the first time in

(A) Gymnosperms
(B) Angiosperms
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Bryophytes

Question No:12

Winged pollen grains are seen in

(A) Cycas
(B) Gnetum
(C) Pinus
(D) Pteris

Question No:13

Pollen grain is

(A) reduced sporophyte
(B) reduced male sporophyte
(C) reduced male gametophyte
(D) reduced female gametophyte

Question No:14

Minimum number of archegonia seen in female gametophyte of gymnosperms is

(A) one
(B) two
(C) eight
(D) six

Question No:15

Life cycle of Chlamydomonas is

(A) Haplontic
(B) Diplontic
(C) Diplo – haplontic
(D) Diplobiontic

Question No:16

Alternation of generations is not shown by

(A) Spirogyra
(B) Fucus
(C) Marchantia
(D) a and b

Question No:17

Diplontic life cycle is shown by

(A) Fucus
(B) Spirogyra
(C) Polysiphonia
(D) Ectocarpus

Question No:18

Double fertilisation is shown by

(A) Gymnosperms
(B) Pteridophytes
(C) Angiosperms
(D) Bryophytes

Question No:19

Flagellated gametes are absent in

(A) Gymnosperms
(B) Angiosperms
(C) Bryophytes
(D) Pteridophytes

Question No:20

Embryosac is

(A) Female gametophyte of gymnosperms
(B) Male gametophyte of gymnosperms
(C) Immature embryo of angiosperms
(D) Female gametophyte of angiosperms