NEET UG Botany MCQ-26

Question No:1

Thalloid plant body shows parts like holdfast, stipe and frond in this class of algae

(A) Phaeophyceae
(B) Chlorophyceae
(C) Rhodophyceae
(D) Cyanophyceae

Question No:2

Thallus is an unbranched filament in this alga

(A) Spirogyra
(B) Chlamydomonas
(C) Cladophora
(D) Dictyota

Question No:3

Reserve food in Rhodophyceae is

(A) Oil droplets
(B) Mannitol
(C) Floridean starch
(D) Pyrenoids

Question No:4

A commercial product agar is produced by

(A) Ectocarpus
(B) Gelidium
(C) Laminaria
(D) Chlorella

Question No:5

Unicellular SCP algae are

(A) Volvox, Chara
(B) Chlorella, Spirulina
(C) Gelidium, Gracilaria
(D) Laminaria, Sargassum

Question No:6

Multicellular, jacketed male sex organ is

(A) Oogonium
(B) Antheridium
(C) Archegonium
(D) Ovule

Question No:7

The first organisms to colonise rocks are

(A) Fungi
(B) Lichens
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Green algae

Question No:8

Specialised asexual reproductive structures found in bryophytes are

(A) Tubers
(B) Gemmae
(C) Protonema
(D) Archegonia

Question No:9

Sporophyte is non vascular in

(A) Algae
(B) Fungi
(C) Bryophytes
(D) Pteridophytes

Question No:10

A moss used as packing material for transshipment of living material is

(A) Funaria
(B) Marchantia
(C) Sphagnum
(D) Polytrichum

Question No:11

Gametophytic plant body is represented by prothallus in

(A) Funaria
(B) Marchantia
(C) Anthoceros
(D) Selaginella

Question No:12

Mosses reproduce vegetatively by

(A) Spores
(B) Fragmentation
(C) Secondary protonema
(D) (b) and (c)

Question No:13

Plant body is a sporophyte with true root, stem and leaves but not flowers in

(A) Bryophyta
(B) Gymnosperms
(C) Pteridophyta
(D) Algae

Question No:14

Heterosporous pteridophyta is

(A) Salvinia
(B) Pteris
(C) Dryopteris
(D) a, b and c

Question No:15

Female strobilus in &mnosperms consists of

(A) Microsporophylls
(B) Microsporangia
(C) Megasporophylls
(D) Ovary

Question No:16

One of the tallest gymnosperm is

(A) Eucalyptus
(B) Pinus
(C) Ginkgo
(D) Sequoia

Question No:17

Gametophytes do not have independent existence in

(A) Pinus
(B) Spirogyra
(C) Dryopteris
(D) Funaria

Question No:18

Horsetails are included under

(A) Gymnosperms
(B) Bryophytes
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Algae

Question No:19

Bryophytes that prevent soil erosion by forming dense mats on the soil are

(A) Ferns
(B) Kelps
(C) Horsetails
(D) Mosses

Question No:20

Microsporophylls and megasporophylls appeared first in this group of plants

(A) Bryophytes
(B) Dicots
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Gymnosperms