Antonyms MCQ-40

aerate is most dissimilar to

(A) argue
(B) placate
(C) suffocate
(D) destroy

to aerate means to supply with oxygen; to suffocate means to deprive of oxygen

venerable is most dissimilar to

(A) impervious
(B) constant
(C) sophomoric
(D) infirm

venerable means impressive by reason of age; sophomoric means poorly informed and immature

rancor is most dissimilar to

(A) ritual
(B) argument
(C) collect
(D) accord

rancor means bitter ill-will; one meaning of accord is balanced interrelationship, or harmony

daunt is most dissimilar to

(A) calm
(B) believe
(C) inspirit
(D) dispel

to daunt means to lessen the courage of; to inspirit means to give vigor or courage

paucity is most dissimilar to

(A) excess
(B) certainty
(C) timidity
(D) beauty

paucity means smallness of number; excess means ample quantity

heedless is most dissimilar to

(A) heartless
(B) attentive
(C) speedy
(D) unaware

heedless means inconsiderate or thoughtless; attentive means heedful or mindful of the comfort of others

abound is most dissimilar to

(A) rest
(B) discourage
(C) bless
(D) dwindle

to abound means to be present in great numbers; to dwindle means to become steadily less

confederate is most dissimilar to

(A) enemy
(B) confuse
(C) wander
(D) cluster

a confederate is an ally or accomplice; an enemy is an opponent

resplendent is most dissimilar to

(A) illuminated
(B) disarming
(C) dowdy
(D) delightful

resplendent means characterized by glowing splendor; dowdy means not neat or attractive in appearance, or shabby

onerous is most dissimilar to

(A) permissive
(B) easy
(C) unforgiving
(D) public

onerous means burdensome or troublesome, therefore easy is the most dissimilar

sagacity is most dissimilar to

(A) incredulity
(B) belligerence
(C) stupidity
(D) tolerance

sagacity means wisdom; stupidity means a lack of wisdom

dilettante is most dissimilar to

(A) puritan
(B) professional
(C) aesthete
(D) conniver

a dilettante is a person having a superficial interest in an art or branch or knowledge; a professional is a person who engages in a pursuit as a profession

unalloyed is most dissimilar to

(A) dismayed
(B) impure
(C) circumspect
(D) disastrous

unalloyed means pure, therefore impure is the most dissimilar

banner is most dissimilar to

(A) forgettable
(B) casual
(C) unrestrained
(D) unwitting

banner means distinguished from all others in excellence, or unforgettable, therefore forgettable is the most dissimilar

discalced is most dissimilar to

(A) calculated
(B) measured
(C) inclined
(D) shod

discalced means barefoot; shod means wearing shoes

scurrilous is most dissimilar to

(A) honest
(B) decent
(C) peaceful
(D) satisfactory

scurrilous means given to using foul language, or crass; decent means conforming to standards of propriety

pulchritudinous is most dissimilar to

(A) pacifist
(B) rare
(C) smooth
(D) unsightly

pulchritudinous means marked by physical beauty; unsightly means not pleasing to the sight, or ugly

dyspeptic is most dissimilar to

(A) trusting
(B) functional
(C) euphoric
(D) talented

dyspeptic means showing a sour disposition; euphoric means marked by feeling or well-being

reliction is most dissimilar to

(A) dedication
(B) demolition
(C) flood
(D) problem

reliction means the gradual recession of water leaving the land dry; flood means the rising and overflow of a body of water onto dry land

villenage is most dissimilar to

(A) nobility
(B) lineage
(C) directness
(D) dullness

villenage means the peasant or commoner class; nobility means the noble class, or gentry