NEET Foundation-Zoology-Basics-Test-5

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Basics-Test-5

1. Species includes the organisms that are


2. Naming of organisms can be done under the guidelines of


3. Read the following statements
A) Generic name begins with capital letter
B) Species name begins with small letter
C) Scientific names must be written in italic
Correct statements is / are


4. Arrange the following in an order


5. Which of the following is correct regarding binomial nomenclature


6. Study the following.
A) Study of microscopic structure of tissues is – Microanatomy.
B) Evolution deals with gradual changes that occur in the organisms through geological time.
C) Haeckel coined the term Genetics, where as Bateson coined the term Ecology
D) Study of ancient remains of dead organisms of past geological ages is called palaeontology.
Correct combination is


7. Assertion (A): Embryology is a part of Developmental biology.
Reason(R):Developmental biology includes the study of embryonic development and other developmental processes after birth.


8. Assertion (A): The study of interactions among the living organisms and between organisms and the abiotic environment is called ecology.
Reason(R): The term ecology is coined by Herbert spencer.


9. Assertion (A): The term genetics is coined by Bateson.
Reason(R):Bateson is father of genetics.


10. Assertion (A): Homo sapiens sapiens (man) is an example of trinomial nomenclature.
Reason(R):Trinomial system includes genus name, followed by spcies have sub-species name also.


11. Assertion (A): Axis axis (spotted deer) is tautonym.
Reason(R):The generic name and species names are similar.


12. Assertion (A): Taxonomy includes the theory and practice of identification, nomenclature and classification of organisms.
Reason(R):Linnaeus is the father of Taxonomy.


13. Assertion (A): Carolus Linnaeus used the binomial nomenclature for the organisms.
Reason(R):The organism has two scientific names.


14. Assertion (A): Species is the basic unit of classification.
Reason(R):Species is a Latin word which means kind or appearance.