NEET Foundation-Zoology-Basics-Test-3

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Basics-Test-3

1. The branch of biology which helps in the study of animal behaviour is


2. Which of the following organ system in animals, regulates the body functions by releasing hormones


3. Heterotrophic, eukaryotic organisms are included under the kingdom


4. Which of the following represents basic feauture of animals


5. The mode of nutrition which depends on dead and decaying organisms is


6. The process of release of energy from the digested food is known as


7. The branch of biology which helps to study about fossil plants is known as


8. The term genetics was coined by


9. Which of the following is not a tautonym


10. Scientific name of spotted deer is


11. Which of the following is not included in trinomial nomenclature


12. Functioning of heart, kidney, lungs etc., can be studied by the following branch of zoology


13. Basic unit of classification is


14. Among the animals, which forms the largest group


15. Scientific name of Indian cobra is


16. The book published by Carolus Linnaeus is


17. Five kingdom classification was proposed by


18. Homo sapiens sapiens is a


19. The first word in binomial nomenclature is


20. Aristotle classified the animals