NEET Foundation-Zoology-Basics-Test-1 -

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Basics-Test-1

NEET Foundation-Zoology-Basics-Test-1

1. Study of form and structure of cells and cell organelles is called


2. The study of different body functions and processes is called


3. A student was found to be studying the structures like cortex, medulla, hilus in a mammalian kidney. The branch under which the above said contants were covered is


4. Study of microscopic structure different tissues is called


5. If the student wants to study the development of zygote, internal structure and function of various parts to assign the organism to a particular pylum, the student takes the help of following branches


6. Binomial nomenclature includes


7. The third name of trinomial nomenclature is .


8. Biology term given by


9. Study of form, structure of cells and cell organelle is called


10. The living organisms were classified as monerans, protistans, Fungi, Metaphyta and Metazoa by


11. Rearing of silk moth is


12. Study of principles and procedures of classification of organisms is


13. Ecology helps in the study of


14. Internal morphology includes


15. Arrange the following in an order, regarding the Holozoic mode of nutrition


16. Which branch of zoology helps us to know about dinosaurs


17. Which of the following organ systems control and coordinate the functions of animal body


18. Evolution helps in studying


19. Term ecology is derived from ‘oikos’ – which means


20. Rearing of fishes and prawns comes under