Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:9 -

Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:9

Questions No:1

Mollusc group without radula is

[A] Gastropoda

[B] Monoplacophora

[C] Bivalvia

[D] Cephalopoda

Questions No:2

Mollusc group with closed blood vascular system is

[A] 1 ) Gastropoda

[B] Scaphopoda

[C] Cephalopoda

[D] Pelecypoda

Questions No:3

Respiratory pigment in molluscs is

[A] 1 ) haemery thrin

[B] haemoglobin

[C] haemocyanin

[D] chlorocruorin

Questions No:4

Osphradium in molluscs functions as

[A] 1 ) thermoreceptor

[B] rheoreceptor

[C] chemoreceptor

[D] thigmoreceptor

Questions No:5

Molluscans test the quality of water with the

[A] 1 ) statocyst

[B] tentacles help of

[C] osphradium

[D] ctenidia

Questions No:6

Shell is present in

[A] 1 ) Nereis

[B] Octopus

[C] Pila

[D] Ascaris

Questions No:7

Spirally coiled shell is seen in

[A] Pila

[B] Octopus

[C] Dentalium

[D] Unio

Questions No:8

Echinodermata is characterised by

[A] 1 ) fresh water habitat

[B] segmentation

[C] deuterostomous condition

[D] schizocoelom

Questions No:9

Most distinctive feature of Echinodermata is

[A] radial symmetry

[B] deuterostomous condition

[C] water vascular system

[D] enterocoelom

Questions No:10

Nonchordates having mesodermal endoskeleton are

[A] 1 ) molluscs

[B] arthropods

[C] annelids

[D] echinoderms

Questions No:11

In echinoderms water enters into water vascular system through

[A] mouth

[B] anus

[C] ostia

[D] madreporite

Questions No:12

Oral surface is upward in

[A] Ophiuroidea

[B] Asteroidea

[C] Crinoidea

[D] Echinoidea

Questions No:13

Hemichordates are

[A] chordates

[B] vertebrates

[C] non-chordates

[D] craniates

Questions No:14

Buccal diverticulum of hemichordates is called

[A] gizzard

[B] stomochord

[C] notochord

[D] vertebral column

Questions No:15

Hemichordate body includes

[A] trunk

[B] collar

[C] proboscis

[D] all of these

Questions No:16

Excretion in hemichordates occurs by

[A] neural gland

[B] proboscis gland

[C] renette gland

[D] pyloric gland

Questions No:17

Larva of Hemichordata is

[A] planula

[B] nauplius

[C] glochidium

[D] tornaria

Questions No:18

This part of hemichordate was earlier considered as notochord

[A] intestinal diverticulum

[B] spermathecal diverticulum

[C] buccal diverticulum

[D] cloacal diverticulum

Questions No:19

Balanoglossus is commonly called as

[A] earthworm

[B] tapeworm

[C] lugworm

[D] acorn worm

Questions No:20

Study the following four matchings, of animals and their excretory organs.

Column -1— Column – II

A) Tapeworm Solenocytes

B) Earthworm Metanephridia

C) Crab Green glands
D) Squid Malpighian tubules

Which of the above are correct?

[A] only A and B

[B] only A and C

[C] only B and C

[D] only A and D