Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:5

Questions No:1

Largest phylum of ‘Animalia’ is

[A] Mollusca

[B] Chordata

[C] Annelida

[D] Arthropoda

Questions No:2

Excretory organs in insects are

[A] Malpighian tubules

[B] saccate nephridia

[C] Kidneys

[D] nephridia

Questions No:3

Which of the following is not an insect?

[A] 1 ) Locusta

[B] Lepisma

[C] Limulus

[D] Aedes

Questions No:4

Which of the following is a gregarious pest?

[A] 1 ) Locusta

[B] Apis

[C] Anopheles

[D] Laccifer

Questions No:5

Identify a living fossil of the following

[A] 1 ) Archaeopteryx

[B] Peripatus

[C] Limulus

[D] lung fish

Questions No:6

Mark the correct pair

[A] Limulus – prawn

[B] Aedes – locust

[C] Laccifer- lac insect

[D] Apis – king crab

Questions No:7

Second largest phylum in Animalia is

[A] 1 ) Arthropoda

[B] Chordata

[C] Mollusca

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:8

A mollusc is not a suitable animal to observe

[A] 1 ) head

[B] segmentation

[C] muscular foot

[D] visceral hump

Questions No:9

Visceral hump in a mollusc is covered by

[A] foot

[B] radula

[C] mantle

[D] chitinous shell

Questions No:10

Radula is absent in

[A] Pinctada

[B] Pila

[C] Octopus

[D] Aplysia

Questions No:11

Rasping organ in snail is

[A] 1 ) Aristotle’s lantern

[B] mandible

[C] radula

[D] ommatophore

Questions No:12

Gills are feather like in

[A] 1 ) Limulus

[B] Chaetopleura

[C] prawn

[D] scorpion

Questions No:13

Pick the odd pair

[A] Aplysia – sea lemon

[B] Dentalium – tusk shell

[C] Sepia – cuttle fish

[D] Loligo – squid

Questions No:14

Identify the wrong match

[A] Porifera – spicules

[B] Ctenophora – bioluminescence

[C] Mollusca – chitinous shell

[D] Annelida – nephridia

Questions No:15

Endoskeleton of echinoderms includes

[A] pneumatic bones

[B] siliceous spicules

[C] calcareous ossicles

[D] chitinous ossicles

Questions No:16

Diversity in the habitat not shown by

[A] ) Porifera

[B] Annelida

[C] Mollusca

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:17

Organisms with two different types of symmetries in two different stages of life are

[A] poriferans

[B] annelids

[C] mollusks

[D] echinoderms

Questions No:18

Which of the following is an echinoderm?

[A] Sea lemon

[B] Sea fan

[C] Sea hare

[D] Sea urchin

Questions No:19

Water vascular system in echinoderms serves for

[A] locomotion

[B] respiration

[C] food capture

[D] all of these

Questions No:20

An organism without specific excretory system in the following is

[A] bristleworm

[B] roundworm

[C] earthworm

[D] sea cucumber