Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:4 -

Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:4

Questions No:1

In liver fluke flame cells helps in

[A] food collection

[B] osmoregulation

[C] excretion

[D] both (2) & (3)

Questions No:2

Of the following high regeneration capacity is shown by

[A] Dugesia

[B] Taenia

[C] Fasciola

[D] Ascaris

Questions No:3

Aschelminths are generally called

[A] flatworms

[B] tapeworms

[C] roundworms

[D] bloodworms

Questions No:4

A feature of Aschelminthes is

[A] incomplete gut

[B] acoelom

[C] muscular pharynx

[D] pseudocoelom

Questions No:5

Alimentary canal in Aschelminthes is

[A] absent

[B] incomplete

[C] without peritoneum

[D] without pharynx

Questions No:6

Identify the incorrect pair

[A] Wuchereria – filarial worm

[B] Ascaris – round worm

[C] Ancylostoma – pin worm

[D] Taenia – tape worm

Questions No:7

Ascaris is

[A] monoecious

[B] pseudocoelomate

[C] acoelomate

[D] free living

Questions No:8

Roundworms differ from flatworms by the presence of

[A] flame cells

[B] acoelom

[C] complete gut

[D] segmented body

Questions No:9

In Ascaris, excretory materials are sent out by

[A] body wall

[B] flame cells

[C] excretory pore

[D] nephridia

Questions No:10

Annelida is characterised by

[A] pseudocoelom

[B] metamerism

[C] non-muscular pharynx

[D] renette gland

Questions No:11

Body is divided into segments in

[A] Fasciola

[B] Ophiura

[C] Ancylostoma

[D] Nereis

Questions No:12

In Latin, ‘annulus’ means

[A] little worm

[B] little ring

[C] jointed appendage

[D] spiny bodied

Questions No:13

Locomotory organs of Nereis are

[A] suckers

[B] setae

[C] parapodia

[D] jointed legs

Questions No:14

Which of the following is dioecious?

[A] Pheretima

[B] Hirudinaria

[C] Nereis

[D] Hydra

Questions No:15

Closed circulatory system present in

[A] Locusta

[B] Saccoglossus

[C] Hirudinaria

[D] Ascaris

Questions No:16

Parapodia in Nereis are

[A] cephalic appendages

[B] abdominal appendages

[C] lateral appendages

[D] thoracic appendages

Questions No:17

Excretory organs in Pheretima are

[A] flame cells

[B] parapodia

[C] renette glands

[D] nephridia

Questions No:18

Parapodia help in

[A] locomotion

[B] excretion

[C] osmoregulation

[D] gametes transport

Questions No:19

Segmented parasite of the following is

[A] Nereis

[B] Wuchereria

[C] Pheretima

[D] Hirudinaria

Questions No:20

Chitin is a polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of

[A] roundworms

[B] insects

[C] leeches

[D] snails