Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:13 -

Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:13

Questions No:1

Class Crustacea differs from Insecta in having

[A] two pairs of antennae

[B] jointed foot

[C] chitinous cuticle

[D] none of the above

Questions No:2

The main excretory organ of prawn is

[A] green gland

[B] flame cell

[C] Malpighian tubule

[D] nephridia

Questions No:3

Which one of the following is a matching set of a phylum and its three examples?

[A] Ponfera-Spongilla, Euplectella, Pennatula

[B] Cnidaria-Bonnelia, Physalia, Aurelia

[C] Platyhelminthes-Plananaria, Schistosoma, Enterobius

[D] Mollusca-Loligo, Teredo, Octopus

Questions No:4

Connecting link between Annelida and Mollusca is

[A] Peripatus

[B] Neopilina

[C] Proterospongia

[D] Archaeopteryx

Questions No:5

Which of the following have eye structure nearest to that of vertebrates ?

[A] Insecta

[B] Myriapoda

[C] Cephalopoda

[D] Crustacea

Questions No:6

Correctly matched set of phylum, class and example is

[A] Protozoa -Mastigophora -Entamoeba

[B] Mollusca -Bivalvia -Pinctada

[C] Arthropoda-Diplopoda –Scolopendra

[D] Chordata -Cyclostomata – Phrynosoma

Questions No:7

Connecting link between annelids and molluscs is

[A] Neopilina

[B] Peripatus

[C] Periplaneta

[D] Limulus

Questions No:8

Shell of molluscs is derived from

[A] foot

[B] man tie

[C] ctenidia

[D] placoid

Questions No:9

In Mollusca, eye is present over a stalk called

[A] ostracum

[B] operculum

[C] ommatophore

[D] osphradium

Questions No:10

Trochophore is the larva of

[A] Neopilina

[B] Chiton

[C] Pila

[D] All of these

Questions No:11

Mantle, foot and shell are the characteristics of

[A] Nautilus

[B] Echinus

[C] Limulus

[D] Euplectella

Questions No:12

What is the name of class to which pearl oyster belongs to?

[A] Cephalopoda

[B] Pelecypoda

[C] Gastropoda

[D] Scaphopoda

Questions No:13

The animals with bilateral symmetry in young stage, and radial pentamerous symmetry in the adult stage, belong to the phylum

[A] Annelida

[B] Mollusca

[C] Cnidaria

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:14

Ambulacra! grooves are absent in the living forms of the class

[A] Crinoidea

[B] Asteroidea

[C] Ophiuroidea

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:15

Coelom in Echinodermata is

[A] Pseudocoelic

[B] Haemocoelic

[C] Schizocoelic

[D] Enterocoelic

Questions No:16

The echinoderms are

[A] arboreal insects

[B] marine animals

[C] terrestrial insects

[D] freshwater forms

Questions No:17

Tube feet is the locomotory organ is

[A] starfish

[B] jelly fish

[C] silver fish

[D] Scoliodon