Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:12 -

Animal Kingdom Non Chordates Quiz No:12

Questions No:1

Which of the following assists in the locomotion of the organism stated ?

[A] Epithelium of Pheretima

[B] Trichocysts of Paramecium

[C] Pedicellaria of star fish

[D] Posterior sucker of Hirudinaria

Questions No:2

Which one of the following groups of three animals each is correctly matched with their one characteristic morphological feature?

Animals—– Morphological features

[A] Scorpion, spider, cockroach Ventral solid central nervous system

[B] Cockroach, locust, Taenia Metameric segmentation

[C] Liver fluke, sea anemone, Bilateral symmetry sea cucumber

[D] centipede, prawn, sea urchin Jointed appendages

Questions No:3

Which one of the following phyla is correctly matched with its two general characteristics?

[A] Echinodermata – pentamerous radial symmetry and mostly internal fertilization

[B] Mollusca-normally oviparous and development through a trochophore or veliger larva

[C] Arthropoda-body divided into head, thorax and abdomen and respiration by tracheae

[D] Chordata-notochord at some stage and separate anal and urinary openings to the outside

Questions No:4

What is true about Nereis, scorpion, cockroach and silver fish?

[A] They all possess dorsal heart

[B] None of them is aquatic

[C] They all belong to same phylum

[D] They all have jointed paired appendages

Questions No:5

Metameric segmentation is the characteristic of

[A] Mollusca and Chordata

[B] Platyhelminthes and Arthropoda

[C] Echinodermata and Annelida

[D] Annelida and Arthropoda

Questions No:6

Two common characters found in centipede, cockroach and crab are

[A] book lungs and antennae

[B] compound eyes and cerci

[C] jointed legs and chitinous exoskeleton

[D] green gland and tracheae

Questions No:7

From the following statements select the wrong one.

[A] Prawn has two pairs of antennae

[B] Nematocysts are characteristic of the phylum Cnidaria

[C] Millipedes have two pairs of appendages in each segment of the body

[D] Animals belonging to phylum Porifera are fresh water and marine

Questions No:8

In Arthropoda, head and thorax are often fused to form cephalothorax. but in which one of the following classes, is the body divided into head, thorax and abdomen?

[A] Insecta .

[B] Myriapoda

[C] Crustacea

[D] Arachnida and Crustacea

Questions No:9

Which one of the following is a matching pair of an animal and a certain phenomenon it exhibits?

[A] Pheretima-Sexual dimorphism

[B] Musca – Complete metamorphosis

[C] Chameleon-Mimicry

[D] Taenia-Polymorphism

Questions No:10

Given below are four matchings of an animal and its kind of respiratory organ

(A) Silver fish – Trachea

(B) Scorpion – Book lung

(C) Sea squirt – Pharyngeal gills

(D) Dolphin – Skin

The correct matchings are

[A] A and B

[B] A, B and C

[C] B and D

[D] C and D

Questions No:11

Similarity in Ascaris lumbricoides and Anopheles stephensi is

[A] sexual dimorphism

[B] metamerism

[C] anaerobic respiration

[D] endoparasitism

Questions No:12

Which one of the following is common in silverfish, scorpion, dragonfly and prawn?

[A] Three pairs of legs and segmented body

[B] Chitinous cuticle and two pairs of antennae

[C] Jointed appendages and chitinous exoskeleton

[D] Cephalothorax and tracheae

Questions No:13

Which one of the following is common to leech, scorpion and cockroach?

[A] Nephridia

[B] Ventral nerve cord

[C] Cephalization

[D] Antennae

Questions No:14

Book lungs are respiratory organs of

[A] Mollusca

[B] Mammalia

[C] Arachnida

[D] earthworm

Questions No:15

Which of the following is not an Arachnid ?

[A] Spider

[B] Itch mite

[C] Louse

[D] Tick

Questions No:16

Johnston’s organ is present in

[A] antenna of insect

[B] head of cockroach

[C] abdomen of housefly

[D] abdomen of spider

Questions No:17

Characters like hard exoskeleton,cephalothorax, gills for respiration are present in which of the following

[A] Insecta

[B] Myriapoda

[C] Crustacea

[D] Polychaeta

Questions No:18

Bilateral symmetry, metameric segmentation, coelom and open circulatory system are the features of

[A] Annelida

[B] Arthropoda

[C] Mollusca

[D] Echinodermata

Questions No:19

Which is common between earthworm, leech and centipede?

[A] They have Malpighian tubules

[B] They are hermaphrodite

[C] They have ventral nerve cord

[D] None of the above

Questions No:20

Malpighian tubules are

[A] excretory organs of insects

[B] excretory organs of frog

[C] respiratory organs of insects

[D] endocrine glands of insects