NEET Anatomy flowering plant PDFs,NCERT Chapter wise questions

Anatomy of Flowering Plants Mock Exam-10

Question No:1

Heart wood or duramen is

[A] outer region of secondary xylem
[B] inner region of secondary xylem
[C] outer region of secondary phloem
[D] inner region of secondary phloem

Question No:2

The bark of tree comprises

[A] all the tissues outside the vascular cambium
[B] all the tissues outside the cork cambium
[C] only the cork
[D] the cork and secondary cortex

Question No:3

Layer of cells between endodermis and vascular bundles is called

[A] epidermis
[B] Pericycle
[C] hypodermis
[D] pith

Question No:4

Bulliform or motor cells are present in

[A] dicot stem
[B] upper epidermis of dicot leaves
[C] lower epidermis of monocot leaves
[D] upper epidermis of monocot leaves

Question No:5

Exarch and polyarch vascular bundles occur in

[A] monocot stem
[B] monocot root
[C] dicot stem
[D] dicot root

Question No:6

In root, xylem is

[A] mesarch
[B] exarch
[C] placed at different places in different plants
[D] endarch

Question No:7

In monocot leaf

[A] bulliform cells are absent from the epidermis
[B] veins form a network
[C] Mesophyll is well differentiated into these parts
[D] Mesophyll is not differentiated into palisade and spongy parenchyma

Question No:8

In dicot root

[A] vascular bundles are scattered and with cambium
[B] vascular bundles are arranged in a ring and have cambium
[C] xylem and phloem are radially arranged
[D] xylem is always endarch

Question No:9

Well-developed pith is found in

[A] monocot stem and dicot root
[B] monocot and dicot stems
[C] dicot stem and dicot root
[D] dicot stem and monocot root

Question No:10

The correct situation of Mesophyll in isobilateral grass leaf is shown by

[A] palisade towards adaxial surface
[B] palisade towards Abaxial surface
[C] differentiated Mesophyll
[D] palisade along both the surface

Question No:11

Monocot root differs from dicot root in having

[A] open vascular bundles
[B] scattered vascular bundles
[C] well-developed pith
[D] radially arranged vascular bundles

Question No:12

Vascular bundles are scattered in

[A] bryophytes
[B] dicot root
[C] dicot stem
[D] monocot stem

Question No:13

Generally hypodermis in monocots is composed of

[A] parenchyma
[B] sclerenchyma
[C] collenchymas
[D] chlorenchyma

Question No:14

Polyarch condition is seen in

[A] monocot stem
[B] monocot root
[C] dicot root
[D] dicot stem