NCERT Biotechnology MCQs NEET 2021,NEET important questions,PDFs

Biotechnology Principles and Processes Mock Test-6

Question No:1

PCR is related to

[A] DNA cloning
[B] DNA amplification
[C] DNA selective replication
[D] All of the above

Question No:2

______ is use of biology in industrial process and improvement of quality of life,

[A] Genetic engineering
[B] Biotechnology
[C] Eugenics
[D] Microbiology

Question No:3

T plasmid used in plant genetic engineering is a plasmid of

[A] Azotobacter
[B] Rhizobium
[C] Agrobacterium
[D] Saccharomyces

Question No:4

Plasmids are a suitable vector for gene cloning because

[A] they are small circular DNA capable of integrating with host genome.
[B] they have site for origin of replication.
[C] they can be used as a shuttle between prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
[D] they often carry antibiotic resistance genes.

Question No:5

PCR technique is best for

[A] DNA synthesis
[B] DNA amplification
[C] Protein synthesis
[D] Amino acid synthesis

Question No:6

Gel electrophoresis is used for

[A] construction of r-DNA
[B] isolation of DNA
[C] cutting of DNA
[D] separation of DNA fragments according to their size or length

Question No:7

Bacteria protect themselves from viral attack by producing

[A] exonuclease
[B] endonuclease
[C] DNA ligase
[D] gyrase

Question No:8

Restriction endonuclease

[A] cuts DNA molecule at random
[B] cuts DNA from specific palindromic site
[C] restrict DNA synthesis
[D] synthesize DNA

Question No:9

Molecular scissor is

[A] restriction endonuclease
[B] helicase
[C] urease
[D] peptidase

Question No:10

Which one of the following is commonly used in the transfer of foreign DNA to crop plants?

[A] Penicillium expansum
[B] Trichoderma harzianum
[C] Meloidogyne incognita
[D] Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Question No:11

Electroporation involves

[A] Promotion of seed germination by induced inhibition of water with electric current
[B] Making transient pores in cell membrane to facilitate entry of gene constructs
[C] Purification of saline water with the help of an artificial membrane
[D] Passage of sucrose through sieve pores by electro-osmosis

Question No:12

Transgenic plants are the ones

[A] grown in artificial medium after hybridization in the field
[B] produced by a somatic embryo in artificial medium
[C] generated by introducing foreign DNA into a cell and regenerating a plant from the cell
[D] produced after protoplast fusion in an artificial medium

Question No:13

The enzyme used in PCR technology is

[A] DNA polymerase
[B] Taq polymerase
[C] Reverse transcriptase
[D] Both (a) and (b)

Question No:14

DNA or RNA segment tagged with radioactive molecules is called

[A] Vector
[B] Probe
[C] Clone
[D] Plasmid

Question No:15

Which of the following is a plasmid?

[A] pBR322
[B] BamH-I
[C] Sal-I
[D] EcoR-H