Biological Classification Mock Test-8

NEET Biological Classification Mock Test-8

Questions No:1

A fungus that produce an antibiotic penicillin belongs to this class

[A] Deuteromycetes

[B] Ascomycetes

[C] Basidiomycetes

[D] Phycomycetes

Questions No:2

Malarial parasite plasmodium is included in this kingdom

[A] Fungi

[B] Monera

[C] Protista

[D] Animalia

Questions No:3

Most common method of reproduction in bacteria is

[A] Endospores

[B] Fragmentation

[C] Binary fission

[D] Conjugation

Questions No:4

Function of heterocysts in cyanobacterium

[A] Perennation

[B] Assimilation

[C] Spore production

[D] Nitrogen fixation

Questions No:5

_____ Protozoan caused malaria possess true walls in slime moulds

[A] Plasmodium

[B] Virus

[C] Bacteria

[D] Fungus

Questions No:6

Soap box like overlapping shells are found in the cell walls of

[A] Dinoflagellates

[B] Protozoan protists

[C] Diatoms

[D] Euglenoids

Questions No:7

Citrus canker disease is caused by

[A] Virus

[B] Fungus

[C] Bacteria

[D] Mycoplasma

Questions No:8

Prochromosome is the name of

[A] Chromatin

[B] Bacterial nucleoid

[C] Plasmid

[D] Uncondensed chromosome.

Questions No:9

Cyanobacteria are

[A] Producers

[B] Primary consumers

[C] Decomposers

[D] All the above.

Questions No:10

Decomposers belong to

[A] Bacteria

[B] Fungi

[C] Cyanobacteria

[D] Both 1 and 2

Questions No:11

Actinomycetes or ray fungi belong to

[A] Kingdom Fungi

[B] Kingdom Protista

[C] Kingdom Monera

[D] Progenote

Questions No:12

The bacteria cells donot aggregrate in

[A] Vibrio

[B] Spirillum

[C] Spirochaete

[D] All the above.

Questions No:13

Teichoic acids occur in the walls of

[A] Actinomycetes

[B] Gram positive bacteria

[C] Gram negative bacteria

[D] Spirochaetes.

Questions No:14

White rust of Crucifer is caused by

[A] I) Albugo

[B] Sclerospora

[C] Phytophthora

[D] Pythium

Questions No:15

Coenocytic mycelium occurs in

[A] Zygomycetes

[B] Phycomycetes

[C] Both 1 & 2

[D] Deuteromycetes

Questions No:16

Ascomycetes members are known as

[A] Club fungi

[B] Sac fungi

[C] Fungi imperfecti

[D] Fission fungi

Questions No:17

Fungi differs from bacteria in

[A] Mode of nutrition

[B] Having NAG in cell wall

[C] Flagella structure

[D] Reserve food material as glycogen

Questions No:18

Penicillin is derived from

[A] Penicillium griseofulvum

[B] Penicillium camemberti

[C] Penicillium roqueforti

[D] Both (1) and (2)

Questions No:19

Branched conidiophores are found in

[A] Penicillium

[B] Rhizopus

[C] Ustilago

[D] Saccharomyces

Questions No:20

An edible part of mushroom is

[A] Primary mycelium

[B] Ascocarp

[C] Rhizomorph

[D] Basidiocarp