Botany The Living World Objective Question test-1

1. The taxonomic category below the level of family is


2. Which of the following sets doesn’t contain defining characteristic of living organisms?


3. The statement ‘nothing lives forever, yet life continues ‘ illustrates the role of


4. Effect of day length on flower induction is called


5. Awareness to surroundings found in organisms is called


6. Organisms that reproduce by budding are


7. In a taxonomic hierarchy, family is placed between


8. Which one of the following has least similar characters?


9. First step in taxonomy is


10. Which of the following statements regarding the universal rules of biological nomenclature is incorrect?


11. The taxonomic unit ‘phylum’ in the classification of animals is equivalent to which hierarchical level in classification of plants?


12. Which of the following is a defining characteristic of living organisms?


13. Related genera belong to the same


14. ______ is a taxonomic aid which contains the actual account of habitat and distribution of plants of a given area and also provides the index to the plant species found in a particular area. _


15. The term ‘taxon’ is used for the ranks of


16. Two organisms are present in the same class but not in the same family. They may belong to same


17. Which taxonomic aid gives comprehensive account of complete compiled information of a genus or family at a particular time?


18. The main purpose of classification of organisms is to


19. The main objectives of plant taxonomy is to


20. The scientific name of banyan is written as Ficus bengalensis L. Which of the following statements is correct regarding this?


21. A collection of species which bear a close resemblance to one another in the morphological characters of the floral parts is known as


22. Taxonomic key is one of the taxonomic tools in the identification and classification of plants. It is used in the preparadion of


23. The emergent properties of tissues are due to the


24. Which of the following provide index to the plant species found in a particular area?


25. Phylogeny refers to